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wheel collapsed again.


Jan 14, 2024

Cheng Biwu touched the white mark. After two grinding wheels collapsed in succession, the white mark became a little deeper. However, if this progress continues, all five grinding wheels in the warehouse will collapse, and I am afraid that they will not be able to remove this thing. Cut off.
After thinking about it, Cheng Biwu brought two cylinders over. One was milky white with acetylene marked on it, and the other was yellow with industrial oxygen marked on it.
Then install the dual-channel nozzle, turn on the switch, use a lighter, and wow, a bright and pure white flame rushes out from the nozzle.
Cheng Biwu adjusted the size, and then placed the outer flame of the flame on the white mark on the leg hair.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but was a little speechless. This was an oxyacetylene flame with a temperature of over 3000 degrees Celsius. He was really worried that the leg hair would be ignited directly, and then the whole thing would be burned away.
But what happened next made him discover the magic of the leg hair.
The pure white oxyacetylene flame with a temperature of over 3,000 degrees licked the leg hair.
The leg hair didn’t actually burn, it just turned red quickly, just like an iron rod that had been put in the stove for a while, but then again, if it were an iron rod, it would have been burned until it turned red and softened.
“Yao Wu, you operate the cutting machine.”
Cheng Biwu gave an order.
Afterwards, Cheng Biwu used an oxyacetylene flame to burn the leg hair until it turned red, and Yao Wu pressed down the grinding wheel to cut.
This effect is indeed much better than simply using a grinding wheel for cutting.
After more than thirty attempts, the hair on my legs was finally cut off.
Well, because the leg hair was a little too smooth, Cheng Biwu used a steel file to file the leg hair back and forth after burning it red, adding a little friction to improve the fit.
However, this is not the end. The senior brother has already finished the spear head which is more than a foot long. The whole thing is relatively simple. There is no shape like a lion’s jaw guard. It is just a four-sided rhombus with four concave sides, which can ensure that the spear head can penetrate Causes cross wounds in the enemy’s body that are difficult to heal.
In addition, the end of the gun head is made with internal screws, which can be directly rotated and fixed on the gun barrel.
Because of this, the leg hair also needs to be driven out of the screws where the gun head is fixed to facilitate the fixation of the gun head.
/Compared with cutting off the leg hair directly, this can be regarded as a delicate job.
As usual, burn the ends of the leg hair red and then feed it into the screw machine.
This is not something that can be done successfully once.
After turning it on hundreds of times, the screws at the end were just finished.
Cheng Biwu took the gun head, took some red silk thread, put it into the gun barrel, and rotated it to fix it.
/A large gun that looks pretty good is complete

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