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Jan 14, 2024

However, this is the limit of the mutant dock’s struggle.
Wei Xiaobei then worked hard to release his goodwill, imitating communication with cultivated creatures, and communicated with the mutated dock.
It has to be said that the benefits of this powerful induction attribute are reflected in these places.
Wei Xiaobei quickly felt the mood of the mutated dock.
Fear, nervousness, fear, and even a hint of hope.
/After communicating with this mutant dock for a long time, Wei Xiaobei finally understood.
To put it bluntly, this mutant dock is just a cub, just like a cub that has just been born. It does not have its own independent spiritual consciousness, but it has some things unique to cubs.
After Wei Xiaobei communicated with him, he actually felt a little attached to Xiao Wei.
Well, Wei Xiaobei can understand this.
The second is that the mutated dock itself was built on the real Wei Island. It was built with money from Wei Xiaobei. It is regarded as Wei Xiaobei’s property. Didn’t you see that even the mutated dock has the emblem of Baron Wei on it? ?
In short, in this way, it would be easier for Wei Xiaobei to gain the attachment of this mutated dock.
Of course, this kind of attachment is very superficial, just like when a fish is fed for a long time, the fish will float up when it hears the footsteps of the person.
Anyway, there is still plenty of time now. According to Ao Yan, its transformation period will take at least three years.
Well, I have to say that this real dragon is indeed different from other creatures.
From Wei Xiaobei’s point of view, the molting period of a true dragon is actually the same as that of a snake.
How long does it take for an average snake to shed its skin?
An hour or two? Five or six hours more.
This Ao Yan actually needs three years, which is too abnormal.
In this way, it was convenient for Wei Xiaobei, giving him enough time to slowly study this mutated dock.
Even if he spends several months on this mutated dock, Wei Xiaobei thinks it is worth it.
Wei Xiaobei continued to accompany the mutant dock. After three days, the mutant dock no longer resisted Wei Xiaobei’s touch, and its attachment to Wei Xiaobei grew day by day, even when Wei Xiaobei approached. Being able to tremble his body slightly and regularly shows his affection for Wei Xiaobei.
But over the next two days, that was as far as it went.
The mutant dock’s growing affection for Wei Xiaobei reached a bottleneck.
After some thinking, Wei Xiaobei took out the core of the mutated farmer’s market from the storage bracelet. As he took out the core of the mutated farmer’s market, the mood of the mutated dock became a little excited, just like a playful child seeing a good thing. The food was average.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei would not throw the core of the mutant farmer’s market at the mutant dock.
/Not to mention that the mutated dock has not yet been completely conquered, Wei Xiaobei also has no idea what effect will be produced between the core and the mutated dock. Therefore, Wei Xiaobei grabs the

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