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to learn alchemy?”


Jan 14, 2024

After leaving the study, Lu Bei told Bai Jin about his intention to further his studies. The latter was very puzzled when he heard this and thought that Lu Bei was acting on a whim.
“It’s not a sudden thought, senior sister, I’m very serious.”
Lu Bei said with a serious face: “I want to learn a craft. Not to mention that there are many skills and there are many ways to make a living. Alchemy is an essential skill for people of my generation. It is also a good thing to be exposed to it early.”
“Junior brother, your cultivation is just a beginner. It would be too hasty to get started with alchemy now. It is right to practice more and solidify your foundation.”
Bai Jin shook his head and said: “If you are short of elixirs during practice, just say so. When I am not around, you can go to your Senior Sister Zhu and she will satisfy your request.”
Bai Jin suspected that Lu Bei lacked a sense of security. Sanqingfeng was too poor and did not have many cultivation resources. In addition, he was young and ambitious and refused to ask for help, so he came up with the idea of ??learning alchemy.
If you don’t learn alchemy, you won’t have experience. If you don’t have experience, you have to practice it honestly. If you practice it honestly, I won’t be a genius.
Lu Bei muttered in his heart and his face changed: “Senior sister, to tell you the truth, I am either practicing or cultivating every day, and you don’t let me go out. I am bored and want to find some hobbies to pass the time.”
/“Junior brother’s words make sense, but I didn’t think carefully.”
Bai Jin nodded, she could accept this reason.
Throwing Lu Bei into the Dasheng Guantan Room and learning alchemy without leaving home, without having to worry about being harmed by the crisis-ridden world, and with Zhu Yan watching over him, it was indeed a good way to pass the time.
This way, it also eliminates the possibility of Lu Bei running away unattended during the day without her around.
“Senior Sister Zhu, I will help you speak. It won’t be difficult after all.”
/“Then I’ll trouble you, Senior Sister.”
Lu Bei nodded, and when he turned to leave, he suddenly thought of something, and said with a strange expression: “Senior sister, aren’t you in a hurry to return to Lingxiao Sword Sect? Why are you not in a hurry anymore?”
Bai Jindeng blushed immediately and said that she still had to buy some items in Dasheng Pass, which were all belonging to girls, and told Lu Bei not to ask any more questions.
Can you call a girl too?
To put the facts in perspective, your junior sister’s daughter should be called a girl!
The corner of Lu Bei’s mouth twitched, but he had the good sense not to say it. The goal had been achieved and it was time to retire.
Zhu Yan said goodbye to Bai Jin gloomily and took Lu Bei in a carriage to Huangji Sect’s residence at Dasheng Pass.
As the seat and first county of Dong Qi, Dashengguan is second to none in terms of population and economy. The presence of Huangji Sect has brought the prosperity of this county to a hig

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