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tears actually caused everyone to burst into laughter.


Jan 6, 2024

As for Zhu Xinyi, her eyes darkened slightly, but in the end there were no excessive emotional fluctuations.
On the contrary, Xiao Bailing looked at the two embracing, with a mixture of envy and indifference on her face.
After leaving the martial arts hall, the person sent by Shan Bing was his personal secretary named Tian Li.
Tian Li knew a lot about the relationship between Wei Xiaobei and his eldest son, so he was quite respectful to Wei Xiaobei.
As soon as Wei Xiaobei got on the bus, Tian Li reported: “Mr. Wei, your itinerary is as follows. Take Green Lake Airlines flight 831 at 15:00 to Jiangxiang City, check into the Danius Hotel at 17:30, and check in at 18:00. We will have dinner at the Vienna restaurant of the Grand News Hotel, and attend the auction at 19:30 in the living room of the Grand News Hotel. I will accompany you throughout the entire process.”
“Yes, Not Bad.”
Wei Xiaobei nodded, quite satisfied with the personal secretary’s arrangement.
“Mr. Wei, I wonder if you will stay in Jiangxiang City for a few days after the auction, or if you will return to Cuihu City immediately?”
As a personal secretary, Tian Li took everything into consideration.
“Return immediately.”
Wei Xiaobei has no intention of sightseeing in Jiangxiang City right now. He has a lot of things to do, so there is no time to waste here.
“Then, I will immediately book a flight ticket back to Cuihu City at 22:00.”
/Having said this, Tian Li immediately started to make phone calls and arrange the following matters.
Tian Li did not dare to neglect Wei Xiaobei in the slightest. You must know that Young Master Shan had already stated that he would accompany Mr. Wei to Jiangxiang City this time and must make Mr. Wei extremely satisfied. Otherwise, Young Master Shan would not let him go. Got him.
The extended version of the Jinniu commercial vehicle arrived at the airport soon. Accompanied by Tian Li, Wei Xiaobei entered the tarmac through a special passage and boarded the passenger plane.
The seats are in first class, that’s for sure.
Wei Xiaobei had already flown in first class once, so it was naturally not too unfamiliar.
Perhaps because he was worried that Wei Xiaobei would be too bored during the journey, Tian Li quickly used the passenger plane as the subject to arouse Wei Xiaobei’s interest in conversation.
After all, men are more or less interested in things like airplanes.
Wei Xiaobei is not the kind of guy who thinks he is noble. Tian Li has a good personality, so Wei Xiaobei will not turn him away.
Wei Xiaobei’s kindness made Tian Lida breathe a sigh of relief, and the topics that followed were all-encompassing.
However, during the subsequent chat, Tian Li was somewhat surprised to find that Wei Xiaobei was extremely knowledgeable in terms of knowledge.
Isn’t this guy a practicing practitioner?
How could it be so powerful?
Take the car-related topics that the two talked about later, Wei Xiaobei actually knew how to control the car to run on two wheels, ho

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