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otoss aircraft carrier appears, the National Guard and armored forces here will be abused.


Jan 6, 2024

Even if Wei Xiaobei is added, no matter how powerful he is, he can’t fly now. Facing enemies in the air, he will be the target of abuse.
It’s that simple.
Of course, this was also the situation a few days later. Wei Xiaobei didn’t believe that the protoss could teleport the aircraft carrier so quickly like in the game.
There is no doubt that if you want to deal with the protoss base that has developed, it is not enough to rely on these current soldiers, tanks, and even core disciples.
/And if Wei Xiaobei went alone, it would be difficult for him to survive the siege of those fanatics, dragon knights and even photon turrets for long.
In this case, some cannon fodder is needed.
To say that this cannon fodder is the best to use the life altar to cultivate creatures, the only problem is that the material reserves of the life altar are now empty, and all the previous material reserves have been used to cultivate high-temperature birds.
After thinking about it, Wei Xiaobei immediately used his mobile phone to search online.
Large breeding farm!
Large cities like Cuihu City are surrounded by vegetable bases, large-scale breeding farms and other enterprises to provide citizens with enough vegetables and meat.
After making inquiries, Wei Xiaobei asked Xu Feiyang to drive and gave him an address.
Xu Feiyang was a little confused about Wei Xiaobei’s request, but he had to comply.
Fat and fat pig farms.
Looking at this sign, Xu Feiyang felt embarrassed. What was Wei Xiaobei doing here?
/Eat raw meat? Or buy a pig, or what?
Wei Xiaobei asked Xu Feiyang to wait in the car, and then went straight into the breeding farm.
The area of ????this breeding farm is not small. Just looking at the rows of pig houses and steel frame greenhouses, there are probably no less than 10,000 pigs raised in them.
But this farm may not be able to continue operating.
When Wei Xiaobei passed the security guard and found the owner of the farm, he was squatting in front of the pig house with a frown on his face, looking at the fat pigs in the pig house.
The boss couldn’t help but worry. Due to the appearance of monsters, it was difficult for the feed suppliers to find trucks willing to transport feed.
If there wasn’t some feed in the boss’s warehouse, these fat pigs would have starved to death long ago.
Of course, precisely because of the appearance of monsters, no one bought the pigs in this farm.
In short, within three days at most, these fat pigs will starve to death, and the boss will have no choice but to pack up and run away.
“What? You want to buy all the pigs here?”
Therefore, when the boss heard what Wei Xiaobei said, he almost couldn’t believe his ears.
It’s already this time, and there are still people coming to collect pigs?
And buy all the pigs!
Well, today isn’t April 1st, is it?
But after confirming Wei Xiaobei’s sincerity in the acquisition, the boss jumped up and hurriedly pulled Wei Xiaobei into the office, boiled water a

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