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far apart.


Jan 6, 2024

Looking at Wei Xiaobei’s troubled face, Tu Qingqing stepped forward, with a small smile on his face, charming and charming: “Stop making trouble, if your master could teach you, he would have taught you already, so why not, Master Wife, I will pass on a small spell to you. Although it is only a small spell, if you have understanding, you may be able to fulfill your wishes.”
She is indeed my wife!
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but give a thumbs up in his mind for Tu Qingqing’s rescue.
Little magic?
Whether it was Huang Kun, Zhu Xinyi, other disciples, or even Li Lanxing, Zhang Tiantian turned to Tu Qingqing and couldn’t help showing a look of surprise.
They didn’t know much about Tu Qingqing, but they were amazed when they occasionally saw some of the spells Tu Qingqing performed.
For example, last time Tu Qingqing and Zhu Xinyi went to the port to inspect the work, a group of drunk sailors got excited and wanted to do something bad.
Before Zhu Xinyi could take action in anger, Tu Qingqing pointed at the sailors. The sailors immediately seemed to be possessed by evil spirits, turned around and jumped into the sea water. They took a good cold shower and sobered up.
Of course, these sailors did not have an easy life after that. They were caught by the port security team. In addition to being fined, they were also locked up in a dark room for a week.
Also, last time Wei Xiaobei’s mother recited at the dinner table that the vegetable garden had been ruined by birds recently, so Tu Qingqing went to the vegetable garden. After that, the seabirds saw the vegetable garden as if they were seeing giant beasts. He turned around and ran away, not daring to get even closer.
There were countless such things, which established Tu Qingqing’s status in the hearts of these disciples.
/In short, in the eyes of these disciples, their master’s wife is not an ordinary person, but she is extremely mysterious.
But now what the master’s wife said, somehow convinced everyone that she would not deceive them.
Even Wei Xiaobei looked at Tu Qingqing in surprise.
Wei Xiaobei knew about Tu Qingqing’s foundation. It was natural for Qingqiu Fox Fairy to know magic.
But the problem is that just passing a spell can make people fly, so why should I work so hard to cultivate flying wings, study how to move freely, and improve attributes?
Among the people, Wei Xiaobei was the only one with a somewhat disbelieving look in his eyes.
Tu Qingqing could see this clearly, but she didn’t say much in front of everyone. With a wave of her right hand, a wooden table appeared in front of her.
Seeing this, no one was surprised. They all knew that this was the effect of the storage magic weapon. Master, Zhu Xinyi, and Huang Kun all had storage magic weapons. Of course, the other disciples were very envious.
It’s a pity that this storage magic weapon is extremely precious even if it is the smallest. Even the master cannot give one to every disciple.
Then all the pens, inks, papers and inkstones appeared on the wooden table.
Tu Qingqing thou

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