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Seeing this scene, the crab monsters who were driven far away by the turbulent sea water couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of sea water.
Isn’t this too powerful, Your Majesty?
Simply, simply unimaginable!
Wei Xiaobei reached out and grabbed a killed hairtail fish demon. He looked at it and realized that he had made a mistake.
The silver scales on this fish demon are not actually scales, but a layer of fat. Well, it looks very tender, but it is actually a good ingredient.
After collecting some fish-tailed monster corpses, the storage bracelet was filled again.
/After that, Wei Xiaobei entered the fish-tailed demon’s territory.
This coral reef grows extremely densely, and probably only slender guys like the fish demon can enter freely. Those big crab demons can only stand outside and stare.
/Well, it seems more suitable for shrimp three?
Wei Xiaobei walked around inside a few times, and many places were destroyed by the arrows he fired. However, due to the dense coral reefs, the lethality of the shock wave caused by the arrows was greatly reduced.
Otherwise, after the previous seven arrows were shot, there might not be much left of the hairtail fish demon.
After all, this fish demon doesn’t have the strong defensive capabilities of the crab demon or shell demon. The fat layer on its body can only slow down some damage. It is impossible to do more.
Hairtail demons have a very strong reproductive capacity. Wei Xiaobei could see egg belts hanging on coral reefs everywhere, and even the newly hatched hairtail fish on some egg belts were already fighting each other.
Well, of course, more small hairtails feed on the corpses of dead hairtail demons.
Too brutal.
Wei Xiaobei even used the altar of life to absorb the fish demon’s genes so that he could use them when shaping the basic biological template.
After all, although this fish demon is not very strong, it still has merits.
After collecting some unhatched hairtail eggs, Wei Xiaobei left the coral reef and asked the crab demons to drag away all the hairtail demon corpses they could, including of course those who were stunned.
The corpses were directly rewarded to these crab demons, while the captives were taken back and imprisoned with the shell demons, waiting for their disposal.
Faced with the king’s generosity, these crab monsters pressed their bellies to the bottom of the sea to show their greatest loyalty to Wei Xiaobei.
Well, the monsters depend on food. After being frightened by Wei Xiaobei’s powerful force and being rewarded with a large amount of blood food, the loyalty of these crab monsters to Wei Xiaobei has exploded. At this time, I am afraid that even those crab monsters If the Blue Crab Demon King wants to rebel, these Crab Demons will not follow him.
Of course, this is also the deterrent effect caused by Wei Xiaobei being strong enough.
Needless to say, the scenes where the crab demons make a meal are bloody everywhere.
But after eating, something unexpected happened.
Among the more than three hundred

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