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lled by dragon knights, and many were even killed by themselves.


Jan 6, 2024

The Protoss side’s losses were much lower than those of the Digghogs. More than ninety Zealots were killed and six Dragon Knights were killed!
But if you look at the remaining numbers of these guys, you will know how much the Protoss family has suffered.
After the digging pigs rushed through, only about twenty fanatics could stand, while only eight dragon knights were left.
In other words, the strength of the Star Spirit’s attack this time was close to the destruction of the entire army.
/Wei Xiaobei ignored the remaining fanatics at all, and after simply killing a few dragon knights, he led the digger pig army to charge towards the Protoss base again.
An army of more than 1,600 digger pigs gathered together, and the sound they made when running was like the harbinger of an earthquake. Even the National Guard near Longwangjing Town noticed something strange here.
“What happened?”
The colonel immediately called the drone team. Since the danger of helicopters approaching the protoss base was extremely high, the colonel specially dispatched a drone team to monitor the activities of the protoss base.
“Captain, come and take a look, those wild boars are crazy.”
When the colonel arrived at the drone team’s bunker and saw the video image transmitted through the drone, he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.
It has to be said that the scene of more than a thousand digging pigs running at the same time is extremely spectacular, but even so, it may still be difficult to break through the defense line established by the protoss base.
But Wei Xiaobei showed off his running, riding and shooting skills at this time, running fast while shooting arrows continuously.
And in the protoss base, the photon turrets were constantly exploding under the attack of arrows.
Of course, those photon turrets also set their sights on Wei Xiaobei. The extremely powerful light balls flew towards Wei Xiaobei from all angles. No matter they collided with any object, they would emit a dazzling and violent light. explode.
Well, when these light groups exploded, they seemed to be huge, but in fact, at most, the aftermath of the explosion hit Wei Xiaobei. To put it simply, Wei Xiaobei’s skin was not damaged in the aftermath of the explosion.
However, the Digger Pig that was closer to Wei Xiaobei was more miserable.
Each luminous group can at least allow one digger pig to fly into the sky on a dirt plane. If you are lucky, three or four of them will fly together.
Moreover, after repeatedly attacking Wei Xiaobei without success, the photon turret decisively changed its target and began to spit out light balls frantically at the digging pigs.
/By this time, the total number of photon turrets in the entire Protoss Base has exceeded forty-eight, and when attacking from Wei Xiaobei’s angle, he will be attacked by more than twenty photon turrets every time!
The photon turret can attack once every eight to ten seconds, which means that thirty to forty digger pigs will be killed eve

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