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Seeing that they could not catch up with Tian Yuwen, the scarab descendants stopped, and the bright blood people who followed behind were thrown further away.
The speed of those bright blood people on the sand was even worse than that of the Scarab Descendants, and they were pulled away for a long distance.
By the time the Bright Bloodmen and the Scarab Descendants met, Tian Yuwen had rested for a while and was ready to turn around and continue cleaning up the Scarab Descendants.
But this time, changes occurred.
Those bright blood men rushed towards the swarm of insects, and their humanoid bodies suddenly deformed, forming bloody films that covered the descendants of the scarabs.
Then, the blood-colored film burst and turned into drops of dark red blood, which dispersed and immersed into the bodies of the descendants of the scarab beetles.
As the dark red blood soaked in, the bodies of the scarab descendants expanded. This expansion was so rough that many scarab descendants had a large number of cracks in their shells, and yellow body fluids flowed out along these cracks. , and formed a new shell outside its body.
Before Tian Yuwen could get closer, the scarab descendants had undergone earth-shaking changes.
/The first is the change in body size. The fist-sized scarab descendants have expanded to the size of a human head, and at the same time, a golden light shield appears on their bodies.
At this time, Tian Yuwen had already rushed in front of these scarab descendants, and with the momentum of rushing forward, a sword energy swept out against the ground.
According to previous calculations, this sword energy can kill at least hundreds of scarab descendants.
But the sword energy passed by, only cutting more than a dozen scarab descendants into two pieces, and then dissipated in the air.
Seeing this scene, Tian Yuwen was dumbfounded.
The beetles that could be trampled to death with their feet before absorbed the blood of those bloody people, and their strength changed so much that it was almost as if an ant could suddenly move an apple.
Whether it was defense or their own strength, these beetles suddenly increased in number.
Even after Tian Yuwen retracted the sword, there were several scarab descendants biting on the sharp blade, making crunching sounds from time to time.
/This startled Tian Yuwen. He quickly flicked his fingers and flicked the scarab descendants away, and looked at the blade carefully.
Fortunately, the blade was still very sharp, and there were no marks left by these scarab descendants.
But having said that, Tian Yuwen soon fell into trouble.
This scarab descendant seemed to have undergone drastic changes in his body, and launched a violent attack on Tian Yuwen. Some of the individuals were even able to jump, trying to pounce directly on Tian Yuwen.
In this regard, Tian Yuwen could only block left and right, and danced with a big sword like a full moon.
From Wei Xiaobei’s perspective, a circle made of blades had formed in front of Tian Yuwen, and a large number of scarab

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