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ply of troops is guaranteed, the rest is a trivial matter.


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When Chief Zhuge arrived, he met Zhao Yun first, and then greeted Wei Xiaobei.
When Zhao Yun explained Wei Xiaobei’s method, Chief Zhuge couldn’t help but laugh: “This is really a talent sent from heaven to our army!”
Hearing this, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but curl up his lips. He said that when he used to read Romance of the Three Kingdoms or something like that, those people who spoke in the late Eastern Han Dynasty were a bit exaggerated.
There are too many things such as an army of 800,000 people, a talent like this that can defeat an army of 100,000 people, and a strategy that allows the lord to obtain such-and-such without any effort.
/What kind of talent are you? This method is easy to come by in reality, and Wei Xiaobei always feels that his method will cause some trouble in the future.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei was quite happy to hear others praise him. You must know that among Zhao Yun’s army, the one with the highest strategy is recognized as Chief Zhuge.
What’s more, he is Zhuge Liang’s nephew! Being praised by this person, Wei Xiaobei felt a little like being praised by Zhuge Liang.
Well, anyway, Wei Xiaobei finally reminded Chief Zhuge of the possible side effects of this method.
The biggest drawback of this method is that Zhao Yunjun may replace those businessmen and become the only party to trade with farmers. If this is the case, the residents of those counties and small towns will have a difficult time.
Therefore, this method requires Chief Zhuge to find a way to make up for the loopholes.
Hearing what Wei Xiaobei said, Chief Zhuge nodded and thanked Wei Xiaobei, saying that he would definitely take this matter seriously, but for the current plan, this matter needed to be taken care of in advance.
As soon as Chief Zhuge left, Wei Xiaobei also said goodbye to Zhao Yun. But as soon as he left the Chinese army tent, he smelled the tempting aroma of food coming from the direction of the kitchen.
Smelling this smell, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but laugh. It seemed that through his own guidance, the cooking skills in this kitchen had improved a lot, and it no longer had the same unpleasant smell as boiling water before.
Remembering that he still had fishing skills to complete, Wei Xiaobei also took a break and went outside the camp to check the plans of the villages and towns, then turned and walked towards the kitchen.
But this Zhao Yunjun is different. Probably because the army has sufficient food and the soldiers need to ensure their combat effectiveness, they implement a three-meal system.
When they arrived at the kitchen, the guard soldier who was responsible for guarding the kitchen knew Wei Xiaobei, and because of the token on his waist, he did not stop him and let him in.
The kitchen was extremely busy at this time, with several chefs directing other chefs.
“Bigger firewood for the rice stove! Xiao Zhangzi, how long do you want to cook the rice?”
“Hurry up! The water is boiling and we’re going to prepare the salted fish. Wha

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