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ter Lan made all the dishes, so I cooked the rice.”


Jan 6, 2024

Zhang Tiantian didn’t take the credit, her cheeks turned red and she explained.
Originally, this Tiantian looked like a pretty girl at home, so it would be great if she could help cook. At least the rice wasn’t cooked into raw rice.
Li Lanxing smiled and hit Zhang Tiantian with the head of his chopsticks: “Explain what you are saying, hurry up and eat. Didn’t you say you would go to the company at two o’clock in the afternoon?”
/“Ah, yes!”
Zhang Tiantian no longer cares about her ladylike appearance. Although her appearance is not as good as Wei Xiaobei’s, she can still be considered half a tomboy, which opened Wei Xiaobei’s horizons.
On the other hand, Li Lanxing was not in a hurry when eating, which made him look a little more elegant.
After dinner, the two women had to drive back to the company for work, so Wei Xiaobei took over the heavy responsibility of washing the dishes.
After washing the dishes, Wei Xiaobei made a cup of tea, sat on the balcony, and drank tea while eating.
The weather was good today, the sun was shining brightly, but it was not too hot on the body. The cool breeze was a bit warm, so Wei Xiaobei fell asleep without even realizing it.
But not long after he slept, several fleas buzzed over and landed on Wei Xiaobei’s shiny forehead.
There was a slight pulse of electricity, and a few flies had just landed, and there was a flash of lightning beneath their feet.
The fly dropped to the ground with a puff of smoke.
Wei Xiaobei opened his eyes, feeling a little unhappy. The flies had woken him up before they even landed, and that was why those flies suffered this fate.
Looking at the flies that had been electrocuted to the ground, Wei Xiaobei frowned, stretched out the index and middle fingers of his right hand, dipped them lightly in the tea, and then gently separated them. At the moment of separation, the fingers jumped up and down. There was a blue arc of electricity, but as the separation distance increased, the blue arc disappeared without a trace in an instant.
The voltage of 483 volts is still a bit low.
Wei Xiaobei sighed in his heart, he needed more evolution points to improve the discharge of electricity, attributes, Bajiquan, etc.
/After his intuition was greatly improved, Wei Xiaobei had a vague hunch that the connection between the gray world and reality would not be that simple. This made him feel an inexplicable fear in his heart, and the pressure transformed by this fear spurred him on. As we continue to move towards the road of strength, even some of the physiological needs that men should have have been diluted.
Perhaps after your intuition improves to a certain level, you can directly see through the connection between the two?
Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei felt a little upset. He pushed away the chair and stood up. He practiced the Breath Counting Exercise for a while. When his upset mood calmed down, he turned to the internal exercise pile. With his consciousness sinking, he looked inside his Dantian an

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