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people ignored him at all and simply carried him on their shoulders and followed Wei Xiaobei.


Jan 6, 2024

This was naturally Wei Xiaobei’s order.
This guide is said to be an intelligence officer of Neros Country.
But you must not expect this intelligence officer to have strong physical strength.
Not to mention the fact that the people of Neros are small and weak, how many tough people can be selected from them, even if he is the strongest man in Neros, he is still a weakling in front of ordinary people.
No matter how powerful ordinary humans are, they cannot be more powerful than ordinary people with biological levels as high as two-star elites.
Just think about it and you will know, what is the concept of two-star elite?
/It means that two main attributes are more than 20 points, or the overall attributes plus abilities are equivalent to three main attributes that have reached 20 points.
Wei Xiaobei had discovered this before.
Take the skeleton bird for example. Among its main attributes, only perception exceeds 40, with 45 points, and agility is 39 points. The rest of the main attributes are too weak to be seen, with 12 points for strength, 11 points for constitution, and 3 points for intelligence. Charm 2 points!
But the skeleton bird’s biological level is as high as 4 stars!
Not to mention four-star ordinary, even three-star terrifying requires three main attributes to reach more than 40 points.
But this also shows that the skeleton bird’s special abilities: life robbery, eyes of the undead, and negative immunity can support the skeleton bird’s biological level to four stars.
There are many more examples like this, so I won’t list them all.
The two-star elite of ordinary people is that its two attributes of strength and constitution have reached 20 points, and its agility has 18 points, plus 15 points of perception, archery, Bajiquan, driving and other skills, which are almost the same as those of ordinary people. Two Star Terror is very close.
And this intelligence officer Jerry’s strength, physique, and agility do not exceed 14 points at most, and he is completely crushed in front of ordinary people.
Therefore, it was completely impossible for Jerry to keep up with Wei Xiaobei and his party, but Wei Xiaobei couldn’t lose this guide.
Someone said that there is satellite navigation.
It does have sat nav.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t use it.
One of the reasons is that Wei Xiaobei doesn’t want his whereabouts to be known.
The second is that it is said that satellite navigation basically fails in the Neros Kingdom.
Wherever the monsters captured, there was a thick red mist in the sky, which not only prevented satellites from seeing the situation on the ground, but also blocked the use of electromagnetic waves and other communication methods.
This was true. Before he even set foot on the beach, Wei Xiaobei saw the red mist filling the sky, which was about a hundred meters high.
After stepping onto the beach, Wei Xiaobei tried his electromagnetic wave. Although it was somewhat weakened under the red mist, it was

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