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is stomach, turn into a pale golden airflow, and finally trigger changes in his Dantian.


Jan 6, 2024

Opening his eyes, Wei Xiaobei found that he had entered the body of the faceless villain, and he was currently inside the liquid ball. Outside, the excited roars of Ba Snake and Fire Dragon could be heard, and even between these two guys. There seemed to be a war breaking out.
Wei Xiaobei struggled and swam towards the surface of the liquid ball.
Well, compared to before, Wei Xiaobei’s swimming became much easier.
Poof, his head poked out of the liquid, and Wei Xiaobei saw that Ba Snake had bitten the fire dragon’s tail, sucking hard in his mouth, as if he was trying to swallow the fire dragon in one bite.
But the fire dragon did not give in at all. The dragon’s mouth opened, and a stream of flames sprayed onto the snake. The flames immediately burned on the snake, and in the blink of an eye, the snake was lit into a long stick. torch.
It has to be said that the flames spouted by the fire dragon are still quite powerful. At least the snake was burned very badly. In the end, the snake had to spit out the tail of the fire dragon and plunge into the liquid ball. When it reappeared, The flames on his body have dissipated.
The only problem is that the snake’s body was extremely charred, and as it walked, pieces of semi-charred flesh fell off and dissipated in the air.
Wei Xiaobei was not in the mood to watch the excitement at this moment. He stretched out his hands and pulled his entire body out of the liquid. Then he ran wildly, jumped up high, and grabbed a stream of light golden air rushing towards him. .
At this time, Ba She and the Fire Dragon were fighting fiercely, and he just happened to collect more of the light golden air flow!
Wei Xiaobei’s little calculation was naturally good.
This is natural.
You must know that the Ba Snake and the Fire Dragon are much stronger than the faceless villain possessed by Wei Xiaobei. At least 99% of the pale golden air flow transformed after swallowing the Dragon Turtle Fruit was absorbed by these two. The guys were divided up. Wei Xiaobei worked hard for a long time, but he could only catch two or three light golden air currents.
/If this trend continues, the strong will get stronger and the weak will get weaker. It will be absolutely impossible for the faceless villain possessed by Wei Xiaobei to stand up here.
/Maybe next time it will be swallowed directly by a snake or a fire dragon.
Together! Two ways! three ways
As the light golden air flow merged into his body, Wei Xiaobei felt that his strength was improving little by little.
After swallowing twelve light golden air currents, Wei Xiaobei felt that his strength should have increased to a two-star level.
But having said that, the snipe and the clam competed for the fisherman’s profit. Wei Xiaobei, the fisherman, benefited a lot, but it also attracted the attention of Ba Snake and Fire Dragon.
These two guys immediately stopped working.
I was having a heated fight here, and this little guy actually stole my treasure!

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