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i’s father, Wei’s mother, Zhang Desheng and the others feel very good.


Jan 6, 2024

Tian Yuwen led people to build a wooden house before, and he happened to move in at this time.
Of course, this was a bit crude. When Wei Xiaobei was about to go back, he sent a group of ordinary people in to take charge of the infrastructure construction here, repair all the corresponding facilities, and also ensure the safety of his parents, Zhang Desheng.
Although Wei Xiaobei is the controller of the Aoki Paradise, there are some things that are difficult to say. With the current concentration of spiritual energy in the Aoki Paradise, it is easy for some dangerous creatures to appear.
Just when Wei Xiaobei was about to leave, Wei’s father, Wei’s mother and Zhang Desheng also wanted to follow.
Father Wei likes it here, but the problem is that there is nothing here. You want to play chess, but there is no chess. You want to fish, and there are no tools to make fishing rods. You want to grow some vegetables, and there is no hoe.
Mother Wei was also nagging that there was nothing here, but she was thinking about it from Tu Qingqing’s perspective.
/Without a TV, Tu Qingqing would be very bored. Without a stove, how would she be able to cook for her daughter-in-law?
As for Zhang Desheng, it’s different. He’s talking about moving the Institute of Biology here.
As a result, when Wei Xiaobei left Qingmu Paradise, he had to take a few people with him. On the contrary, Tu Qingqing did not follow him out, saying that he was a little sleepy and wanted to take a nap.
Undoubtedly, the aura here attracted Tu Qingqing.
Thinking about it, not to mention that there is no aura in reality, even if the Qingqiu Country has a little aura, it is probably far behind compared to the Aoki Blessed Land.
/The most important thing is that the spiritual energy that was first born in the world is absolutely different from ordinary spiritual energy.
But having said that, this spiritual energy seems to be of little use to Wei Xiaobei.
When he stayed in Aoki Paradise, this kind of spiritual energy could slowly penetrate into his body and strengthen his body slightly, but even if he actively absorbed this kind of spiritual energy, the effect would be just like this.
It is simply impossible to achieve the same rapid progress as ordinary humans and other creatures.
Wei Xiaobei also thought about this, and this probably had something to do with his identity as the creator of the Aoki Blessed Land.
But no matter what, Tu Qingqing stayed, Wei Xiaobei took his parents, and Zhang Desheng left Qingmu Paradise.
The next time they enter the Aoki Paradise, their parents won’t need Wei Xiaobei to lead the way. Wei Xiaobei has already arranged a team of ordinary people to guard the space passage in the basement.
Of course, even if some outsiders sneak into the Aoki Paradise, it would be difficult for them to end well.
Just the sun hanging in the sky is enough to monitor the entire Aoki Paradise.
Back in the villa area, Wei’s father and mother were still not free from their pr

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