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ther, let’s find a way to collect some Yinming ghost treasure materials, and at least upgrade it to the rank of Xuanzhen Baojian. Maybe this jade snake can have better effects, otherwise it will only be like this once. It’s a bit laborious to teach the method all over.”


Jan 6, 2024

Therefore, Chu Weiyang had no choice but to respond to Zhong Chaoyuan, while turning over his hands and taking out a jade box. He took out a portion of the demon vein of the red-bone scale fish and fed it to the jade snake to swallow. In order to teach the jade snake to be clean, he simply Chu Weiyang raised his hand again. Amidst the jade snake’s cheers, the majestic figure became smaller and smaller, and finally wrapped around Chu Weiyang’s wrist, and fell into a slumber.
When I looked at it again, the jade snake still had red blood light shining through the gaps in its scales, but this time, the blood light shining through was far more crystal clear than before, and it was more powerful. Some rhythms that resemble the movement of Tao and Dharma.
After seeing such a change, Chu Weiyang’s tense expression gradually relaxed.
Changes are a good thing, progressing step by step, there will always be a time when Yu Snake is taught to complete the practice of “The True Interpretation of the Red Sky Calling Fire to Shine in the Sky Flame”. At that time, Yu Snake may have practiced both paths, and jointly entered the foundation building Realm time!
Even at this moment, Chu Weiyang could clearly feel that in the long and ups and downs of the Jade Snake, in the majestic and vast Qi and blood, there was some kind of exciting and high-spirited meaning, which was already pulsating continuously. , pulling the aura of the Jade Snake, constantly washing away a certain barrier, trying its best to push open that door.
Soon, everything will be done soon!
At the same time, somewhere outside the sea, half suspended in the air.
Qi Feiqiong was flying in the air, but at this moment, he turned his hand and raised the octagonal mirror.
/Immediately afterwards, Zhang Du’s voice came from the octagonal mirror and fell in Qi Feiqiong’s ears.
Maybe it was the roaring sea wind, or maybe the things being said were not mentioned on the stage, so the distant voice became more and more hazy.
“Junior sister, send me another invitation to the Five Elements Sect.”
After that, several days passed in succession.
Chu Weiyang sat in the underground palace, struggling with his magic power for a long time, and never made any move to travel.
It was during these few days that Pei Wenli and Lu Zhang successively escorted hundreds of Blood Demon monks from the three islands back to Lingfu Island.
This is already almost all the living forces near Lingfu Island.
And as the reputation of Fenghuang Huazong was “hit” by Pei Wenli and Lu Zhang one after another to some monks on the side islands, the story of the meeting between Dao Zuo and Zuo was spread out.
Sure enough, before Pei Wenli and others could make any further moves, the foundation-building monks on the other two islands h

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