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Dec 12, 2023

The law of aggregation of extraordinary characteristics!
Is this a high-level sealed object of the “Sun” pathway? Derrick suddenly realized something.
“Magician” Forsi and “Judgement” Xio recognized the bronze-green cross as the sealed object they sacrificed, and their pupils were slightly dilated, as if they wanted to see more clearly.
Mr. Fool actually attaches so much importance to this item? It, it is more important than both Hugh and I imagined? Forsi was stunned for a while and couldn’t hide his curiosity.
Her thoughts would never go in a romantic direction when it came to matters involving the gods.
Xio and Forsi had similar thoughts, but neither spoke, thinking that Miss Justice would definitely take the initiative to ask about this kind of matter.
When “Justice” Audrey was considering raising her hand slightly, “Hermit” Cattleya closed her eyes and turned around first, facing the top of the long bronze table.
Before she saluted and spoke, Klein the Fool suddenly chuckled:
“Don’t worry, the glasses that appear can seal your ‘Eye of Peeping Secrets’.”
He knew very well that Ms. “Hermit” had opened the door to demigods, gained divinity, and became a “mysticologist.”
This is partly because “Admiral of the Stars” Cattleya held a ceremony and prayed to “The Fool” before taking the potion, hoping to be promoted under his watch. In this way, even if she did not succeed in the end, she could With blessing, you will not lose control or go crazy directly. You can also find ways to eliminate excess characteristics and start over again.
Klein was actually not sure about this matter, because he had never tried divination before, and he did not get a valid answer from divination. However, he still agreed to Ms. “Hermit”, thinking that if the other party failed and did not die, he would definitely be “The Fool”. “Thanks to Mr. Fool’s credit, if he loses control or goes crazy, then the other party doesn’t have to worry about whether Mr. Fool is a liar. In short, Klein’s main purpose is to give the other party a certain amount of confidence and confidence, so that her state will be more conducive. Promotion, anyway, “Star Admiral” can’t find another existence to provide similar blessing.
After witnessing Ms. “Hermit” being successfully promoted to Demigod, Klein breathed a sigh of relief and complained a few words in his mind:
/“Sometimes, it is easier to pretend to be a god than to pretend to be a human being. When a believer encounters a crisis, there are often only two outcomes. One is to live, and the other is to die. Living is naturally blessed by the gods, but no one will care about his thoughts if he dies. …”
On the other hand, after becoming a half-god and half-human being, and able to use more of the power of the mysterious space above the gray fog, “The Fool” Klein can easily see the state of the astral bodies of the Tarot Club members, and thus interpret to reveal their current extraordinary pathways and sequence levels.
“Hermit” Cattleya, who took the ini

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