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ete with it. At such a close distance, even I can’t resist General David’s sword. !” Speaker Gould said with a smile and waved his hand.


Dec 12, 2023

“Yes, General David’s sword is really powerful. I have seen Lord Arthur use his sword, and the feeling of despair is the same!” Lord Daryl, who is of blue dragon blood, continued.
The atmosphere in the restaurant immediately relaxed after the two Templars said this.
“General David, you are worthy of your title!” Lord Ludwig solemnly said to David before sitting down.
Although Lord Ludwig did not say the title of ‘Federation God of War’, by saying this he recognized General David’s title of ‘Federation God of War’.
This is a very big deal for a Templar who belongs to the great world of God.
/General Francis was stunned. He never thought that General David’s strength was so terrifying. A fifth-level Templar from the top of the divine world, a lord of dragon blood, could even defeat General David. Not even a single sword could be taken.
Although Lord Ludwig did not wear armor and did not pay attention to General David’s sword, the unarmed Templars were still Templars. With the strength of the Templars, they could not be restrained so easily.
Especially General Francis and the other generals in the restaurant. Their strength was too weak. They did not see the sword clearly. The whole process was that as soon as David moved, David and Lord Ludwig stopped. The fifth-level light long sword in Wei’s hand stopped in front of Lord Ludwig’s neck.
They didn’t even look at the battle, they didn’t even have time to change their minds, and the battle was over.
After being surprised, he was extremely proud. Admiral Francis even had the urge to cry. For thousands of years, the soldiers of the Interstellar Federation have existed as consumables on the battle star.
Only when the warriors of the Interstellar Federation cannot resist, the knights of the Divine Great World will take action.
The soldiers of the Interstellar Federation are doing the most work, but most of the defensive achievements must be attributed to the knights of the Divine World. The reason lies in the individual strength of both sides. Even the lowest knight can defeat the soldiers of the Federation. The formal knights can even defeat the Federal Extraordinary.
Now there is finally a single soldier who can fight against the top beings in the divine world. Although this is just a special case, it has never made the Star Federation military feel so comfortable.
Admiral Francis looked at the several equally excited generals present, and then at the surveillance equipment in the restaurant, thinking about what kind of publicity he should have in the future.
The atmosphere of the welcome banquet was not very lively. They were all very distinguished people. There was a little unpleasantness before. Fortunately, everything went normally and the welcome banquet ended smoothly.
During the banquet, Lord Ludwig also thought about it. With the population of the Federation, it is possible for a human with a mutated body to appear.

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