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f course I agree. Star Conant will fully cooperate!” Lord Llewellyn said with a sincere smile.


Dec 12, 2023

Lord Arthur came to express his goodwill, which made many lords on the side extremely envious. They wished they could bring Knight Miller over to become their son. How could a child who could bring huge benefits to the family not belong to their own family?
David and Lord Llewellyn exchanged contact circle information, and David did not stay long. He was worried that being too enthusiastic would make Lord Llewellyn suspicious.
David took Charlie and Knight Miller to visit all the lords and fifth-level Templars he was familiar with. Of course, these lords and Templars understood what David meant. This was to introduce their connections to these two young men. .
Charlie’s side is better. It doesn’t matter whether he borrows Lord Arthur’s influence or not, because his father, Speaker Gould, is also very influential.
But Knight Miller was different. David took him around like this, greatly increasing Knight Miller’s influence in the aristocratic circle.
This is also the greatest degree of help that David can do. As a member of the Interstellar Federation, he has a brotherly relationship with Knight Miller, but in the great world of God, being of such great help is already the limit.
/David, like many lords, left before the reception was over.
In the small world of the God of War, the God of War sits on a golden throne. Under the golden throne, two teams of ten thousand people are dueling.
This is also a hobby of the God of War, who likes to watch battles in battle.
Both sides of the two teams fighting with tens of thousands of people are knights. They are all fifth-level Templars. If anyone sees this scene, they will definitely be horrified.
In the small world of the God of War, there are fully 20,000 fifth-level Templar Knights who are regarded as the highest level of combat power in the God of War world.
Of course, these fifth-level Templars are just the souls of fifth-level Templars who believe in the God of War returning to the small world, and the God of War uses divine power to rebuild the bodies of the fifth-level Templars.
This extreme waste is enough to drive any evil god crazy. You must know that evil gods don’t even dare to breathe more, just to save the consumption of divine power.
But the God of War consumes a lot of divine power on such insignificant things. Judging from the strength of the God of War, the strength of the fifth-level Templar Knights will not be of much help to him.
Even if the number of fifth-level Templars reaches 20,000, they can provide very little help in terms of combat power.
Two knight formations collided. This was a real battle. No knight would hold back. As the swords were swung, knights continued to fall.
The war between 20,000 fifth-level Templars caused devastating damage to the area below the Golden Throne. The war ended quickly. Half an hour later, one side destroyed the other side at the cost of losing half of the fifth-level Templars. Kill them all.
The God of War

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