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t was blocked by a hand.


Dec 11, 2023

“Myron, here I come!” It was David who stopped Myron. Myron had helped him so much, so of course he had to take action at this time.
“I, David of Perrin City, accept the challenge!” He looked at Bruno and said loudly.
“Okay, let me break through your Perrin City!” Bruno glanced at David, then glanced at the other people in Perrin City, and said arrogantly.
But the eyes of Myron, Jim, Daley and DeQuincey were full of pity. No one knew David’s terror better than them. One person swept away thirty larvae with two swords.
“It’s interesting, young people are very angry this year!” Two people were sitting at the dining table next to the railing on the second floor, drinking red wine. One of the middle-aged people said with a smile.
“Young people should be angry. Without anger, there is no momentum!” Another old man waved his hand to the side and said.
“Mr. Boone, what are your orders?” A soldier carrying a giant ax and wearing exoskeleton armor came over and bowed to the old man.
“Sir Ives, please arbitrate and don’t let them get seriously injured!” Mr. Boone ordered with a smile.
“Yes, Mr. Boone!” Ives responded, then walked downstairs to the hall.
“Boone, who did you choose to ask Ives to arbitrate?” The middle-aged man looked at the two parties in the conflict curiously, but didn’t see anything and asked directly.
“Manson, I have lived long enough and have seen enough things, but you are still a little behind in this aspect!” Boone said with a smile.
“Boone, you always make mistakes. You haven’t brought out outstanding talents in ten years!” A middle-aged man named Manson said in a deep voice with a trace of annoyance in his eyes.
“Manson, you still need to temper your temper, otherwise you will suffer losses in the future!” Boone still said with a smile.
He and Manson are both directors of the Titan Consortium, focusing on finding talents for the consortium.
Although he is the supervisor and Manson is the deputy supervisor, whoever discovers the talent will still have a great impact on the two of them.
“Are you two asking for the challenge?” Ives’s exoskeleton armor was so powerful that the voices in the hall immediately became quieter. He looked at Bruno and David to confirm.
“Yes!” Bruno couldn’t help but be happy when he saw that a soldier had been invited to host the ceremony. He was not just taking the initiative to stir up trouble, this was just one of his methods.
/How could he, who had endured it for two years just to get admitted to Na’an University, be angered so easily?
He had already inquired that the director of the Titan Consortium had arrived early today, and he needed to perform something to attract the director’s attention.
The later he showed his strength, the harder it would be to attract attention among so many people, so he chose this method to suppress Perrin City.
/“Please choose your weapon!” Ives said in a deep voice.
“I choose the heavy axe!” Bruno chose first, then he looked at David and said disdainfully: “Are you just using the long sword on your

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