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lectric Beetle King’, to protect him.


Dec 11, 2023

“Alexis, you serve as backup. If something unexpected happens, you will return to your true form. We won’t have too much time!” David contacted the black dragon Alexis through his spirit.
“Yes, sir!” the black dragon Alexis responded.
/David was only fifty meters away from the demigod ‘Electric Beetle King’ through ‘underground sneaking’. He did not dare to get closer. His senses told him that if he got closer, he would be discovered by the other party.
This is also the benefit brought by the substantial improvement of the spirit. The spirit comes with some instinct-like abilities.
David’s mind entered the small world of the soul space and activated the ‘Speed ??Rule’. The main world in front of him suddenly stopped.
He could even see the dust floating in the air stopping in the sunlight, forming a strange picture.
David’s figure rushed out from the ground, and the distance of fifty meters was truly a flash for him at full speed.
Before others could reach the demigod ‘Electric Beetle King’, the six artifacts ‘Chains of Death’ had already wrapped up the demigod ‘Electric Beetle King’ through the effect of the ‘Spider Thread Wrapping’ talent.
David couldn’t help but feel at ease. Being blocked by the artifact ‘Chain of Death’, the demigod ‘Electric Beetle King’ was almost unable to fight back.
He also rushed in front of the demigod ‘Electric Beetle King’, and activated his ‘Deadly Sword’. The ‘Artifact Knight War Sword’ almost popped out of the scabbard, turning into a golden light that flashed towards the demigod’s ‘Electric Light’. Beetle King’.
The demigod ‘Electric Beetle King’ is in the safe nest of the ‘Half Spider King’, naturally without any defense, and the insect body is also in a completely relaxed state.
It never thought that it would be attacked in the lair of the ‘Half Spider King’. You must know that in this restricted space, the ‘Half Spider King’ can restrain any god-level one, so it is completely It is impossible for anyone to dare to invade the lair of the ‘Half Spider King’.
In a small space like a cave, the silk of the ‘Half Spider King’ is the most terrifying means of control.
Even a god-level person would not dare to fight the ‘Half Spider King’ in this kind of space, because this environment is too conducive to the performance of the ‘Half Spider King’.
The demigod ‘Electric Beetle King’ knew this and did not expect anyone to invade the ‘Half Spider King”s lair.
By the time the demigod ‘Electric Beetle King’ sensed the danger, it was already blocked by the six artifacts ‘Chains of Death’. Its whole body could not move at all, and even its soul became slow.
Even the demigod ‘Electric Beetle King’ couldn’t understand why the enemy was so fast. As a speed demigod, he didn’t even find out how to be locked by the six artifacts ‘Chains of Death’.
The basic rule of ‘speed rule’ has brought David unexpected advantages time and time again.
If David and the demigod ‘Electric Beetle King’ actually fought face to face, the five Davids added together w

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