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only had to entertain some particularly important guests.


Dec 11, 2023

However, Galen’s extraordinary first disciple was not suitable for participating in such lively activities for a long time due to special reasons.
“Furness, are they all here?” Just when Furness was distracted, he heard a powerful voice. The person who came was none other than Alvin Chaofan, who was wearing a general’s uniform.
“Alvin Chaofan, several Chaofans are already on the second floor. The teacher told me to wait for you here. I will take you there right now!” Furness bowed quickly and said.
He also breathed a long sigh of relief. The last extraordinary person had arrived, and now he finally no longer had to greet guests at the door.
David was led by a waiter to the small hall on the second floor, and he heard chatter and laughter inside at the door.
“David, come here and meet some elders!” Galen Chaofan saw David arriving, waved with his hand and said with a smile.
David hurriedly walked in. There were only a few people in this small hall who came to participate in the ceremony, but their identities were equivalent to Galen’s extraordinary, and they were the other five extraordinary people.
In this small hall, all the extraordinary beings belonging to the entire Rock Star are gathered, and except for the waiters, there are no other juniors here, which also shows that this is just a private gathering among the extraordinary beings.
When several Chaofan saw that Galen Chaofan asked David to come and introduce him, they couldn’t help but feel stunned.
In this kind of gathering between Chaofan, the juniors who participated in it were all Chaofan’s direct nephews. I didn’t expect that Galen Chaofan would let David come over. This made David’s status in Galen Chaofan’s heart clear.
“Galen, you can’t do this. I didn’t even prepare a decent gift in advance!” Alvin Chaofan looked at David who was saluting and greeting him in front of him, glanced at Galen Chaofan, and complained.
It’s not that he didn’t prepare any gifts, it’s just that the previous gifts were very ordinary. They were just ordinary gifts for the apprenticeship ceremony, and they were worth about half a million credits.
But it was obviously no longer possible. Galen Chaofan introduced David to several Chaofan as his own child, so he naturally wanted to give him a suitable gift.
“Alvin, you can’t say that. I used to give out gifts all the time, and now I finally have the opportunity to receive gifts. You can’t cheat!” Galen Chaofan said with a laugh.
/“I’m afraid of you. This time I got a claw thorn from the Space Ripper. I’ll send it to you later!” Alvin waved his hand helplessly.
“David, thank you soon!” Galen Chaofan smiled extremely proudly, and he turned to David and said.
“Thank you, General Alvin!” David quickly thanked him.
“David, work hard, it’s useless to keep just one claw anyway!” Alvin replied with a smile.
In fact, there is nothing wrong with the items that can be collected as trophies by Alvin’s transcendent, let alone the claw thorns on the third-level Zerg Spac

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