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to the body of the Xuan Turtle Demon King!


Jan 5, 2024

If Wei Xiaobei hadn’t chosen a closer position, he might have been directly hit by the huge wave.
Wei Xiaobei slowly opened his eyes and couldn’t help but smile bitterly as he looked at the huge waves coming one after another.
This turtle demon king is not very reliable either.
/This kind of smell?
A huge wave hit, shattering a layer of rocks, and split into several waves that rushed in front of Wei Xiaobei, but were immediately evaporated by the blazing light and heat.
But in this process, Wei Xiaobei was surprised to feel the conflict between the rules of light and heat and another rule!
What is this rule?
It seems to be a rule contained in sea water?
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but open his eyes.
It seems that the East China Sea Dragon Palace may also have some power of rules and can give it to its subordinates.
Later, Wei Xiaobei took the initiative to withstand the bombardment of a huge wave.
Although in an instant, Wei Xiaobei was beaten until he vomited blood and flew backwards, there was a bit of a smile on his face.
Sure enough.
That huge wave contains a rule related to sea water!
And when it collided with the rules of light and heat, it slightly suppressed some of the rules of light and heat, allowing Wei Xiaobei to feel the deeper levels of the rules of light and heat.
This feeling is actually a bit faster than Wei Xiaobei’s previous research speed.
If you can take advantage of this collision between rules, coupled with the assistance of the power of faith, your research speed on the rules of light and heat will be more than ten times faster than before!
Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei changed his meditating position to the connection between the turtle king’s neck and back.
This was the key point where the giant wave was launched by Jiao Li, but due to the towering head of the Xuan Turtle Demon King, the power of the huge wave was weakened by more than 80%.
This allowed Wei Xiaobei to withstand the impact of huge waves.
Otherwise, if the powerful waves hit a few more times, Wei Xiaobei would probably have to get a box lunch.
The huge wave he endured caused Wei Xiaobei to bleed profusely and most of his internal organs were broken.
Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei’s current physique has reached a terrifying level, and even if most of his internal organs are broken, he can still recover in a relatively short period of time.
After choosing a seat and sitting down, the light and heat radiating from Wei Xiaobei’s body instantly increased to the extreme, and the rocks under him immediately melted, making even the Xuan Turtle Demon King who was making a breakthrough feel a little uneasy and squirm. A few blows to the head almost knocked Wei Xiaobei, who was sitting at the end of the neck, off his head.
This is not because Wei Xiaobei wants to harm each other with the Xuan Turtle Demon King. But now Wei Xiaobei wants to study the rules of light and heat, so the light and heat emitted must be strengthened to the strongest state at the beginning, and then

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