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with the big waves. There may be terrible danger, but they still chose to go on the road resolutely.


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“Either he was really ruthless and evil, or he was extremely frightened and chose to retreat and escape at the last moment,” Aoki said.
“The bear wants to shoot them down.” The mechanical bear entered the room to express his dissatisfaction. At that time, even it couldn’t stand it anymore.
/But it was stopped by Chen Yongjie. The opponent not only had the treasure Xiaoyao Zhou, but also two extremely powerful Earth Immortals. Moreover, there were also their battleships in the distance.
The two originators and their disciples disappeared into the dark universe without stopping, and there has been no news since.
There were also some disciples such as the Shadow couple, Fang Yuzhu, Zhang Daoling, the Dark Blood Cult Ancestor, etc. who did not cross the sea and left in the spacecraft they left behind.
“Those important disciples who chose to enter some planets in the universe that have myths and legends and still resemble ancient environments may never be seen again.”
Those who stayed chose to retire, and most of them did not leave any contact information. Because times have changed and technology is advancing with each passing day, sooner or later they will completely become mortals. It is not a bad thing to just go away and spend the rest of their lives in peace.
They have several ancient spaceships and some modern warships in their hands, some of which were obtained from ruins, and some of which were accumulated through the hard work of the orthodox tradition that has not been cut off in the human world for so many years.
However, if you want to support the fleet all year round and ensure the needs of the fleet, the consumption is too great.
This time, just to send the ancestor off, these warships gathered from all over the place and arrived near the crack in the plane.
“The extraordinary comes to an end and everyone drifts away. Many people will never see each other again in this life.” Wang Xuan said.
He really wanted to take a look at the cracks in the plane again. The extraordinary sea of ??light had completely disappeared. Are those caves still there? Will anything be left behind?
But on that day, he chose to go home first because he was very aware of his condition and was afraid that one day he would suddenly fall into coma again and not know how long it would take to wake up.
While he is in the clear now, he should go back quickly, meet with his parents, and tell them that he may be very busy next time and may not be able to go home in a short time.
“Your face is a little pale. Have you been greatly affected by the disappearance of Chaoyang?” Wang Xuan’s mother looked at him, a little worried, and said: “Don’t waste your mind too much and immerse yourself in it. If you can’t do something, just take it seriously.” Just have a dream, in this real world, living every day well is a blessing.”
“The most important thing is to take good care of your body. This is the most real. Myths come from fiction. Do

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