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lf to the limit, reached a critical point, and was in a special state.


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If it is said that breaking the limit 5 times is uncontrollable and difficult to overcome, and it is even said to be a bit “idealistic”, then it can be said that he has grasped the opportunity and opened the door to the palace. He can come in and only needs to move forward. step.
“An Jingqi, Li Lin.” Wang Xuan said hoarsely.
He is very familiar with An Jing Qi from Yuesheng Lake, and has also crossed paths with Li Lin. In fact, An Jing Qi is the incarnation of the alien Li Lin.
“Hey, hell has indeed changed. You still have some hazy consciousness. You still remember my aunt, so I’ll try to take you away.” Li Xu showed a look of surprise. Could this person still be purified and come back? He knew that all the True Saint Dojos were studying this field and wanted to solve the problems in hell.
/“Nephew” Wang Xuan looked at him, he turned out to be An Jingqi’s nephew.
Li Xu, a handsome young man, suddenly turned dark when he heard this. Did this problematic prowler take advantage of him unconsciously? Did he really think he was his uncle?
Wang Xuan examined him and saw that his condition was indeed extraordinary with his spiritual eyes. He opened the door and even saw a flower in Li Xu’s soul. Is that a sacred object that grows with the soul?
Not every person who breaks the limit five times can give birth to a sacred object. People who give birth to such strange objects are rare and naturally extraordinary.
“Let me take you out of here.” Li Xu said.
Wang Xuan didn’t say anything. Although the other party was arrogant, he was not hostile. He was indeed entrusted by someone to purify him, help him escape, or take him away.
He decided to help the other party “comb” the flower, or make it more obedient, or make it grow more beautiful.
The war breaks out!
“It’s an exciting moment. The five-time limit-breaker will be revealed. Let’s look forward to it together!” The group of people outside the city were really excited, and the atmosphere was extremely lively.
In this battle, Wang Xuan really spent a lot of time and fought fiercely in order to help Li Xu “comb” the flower, and was careful not to close the door, fearing that he would not be able to break the limit five times in the end.
In the end, people saw him, like a father rubbing his son, knocking Li Xu out of the city, who was about to break the limit five times.
As if sleepwalking, Li Xu left the sacred city and stood in the wild, watching the golden maple leaves falling, the golden clouds flowing, and the snow orchids floating in front of his eyes, extremely white. He was completely lost. The wanderer seemed to perform the appearance for him. The rhythm of the universe? !
“Li Xu, have a good rest, I’ll help you kill him!” Mu Qingyun, a young man from the Tattoo Palace, said, riding the bull into the city!
Mu Qingyun entered the city and sat on the back of Fudao Niu, slowly and with a chaotic substance. His appearance seemed to have a sense of ceremony.
At this time, there was silenc

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