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f this behavior and the harm to cultivated creatures, Wei Xiaobei did not hesitate too much and took out the Soul Falling Bell again.


Jan 5, 2024

That’s right, Wei Xiaobei no longer has much intention to waste time here.
How to kill those Pen Immortals and Dish Immortals more quickly, the Soul Falling Bell is undoubtedly a good choice!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Wei Xiaobei lowered his height, and the Soul-Destroying Bell hanging on his index finger suddenly grew in size while gently shaking.
Within the range, whether it was the Pen Immortal, the Disk Immortal, or even the ordinary people controlled by them, the moment they heard the ringing of the Soul Falling Bell, no matter what they were doing, their bodies stopped there.
/After that, the bodies of those Pen Immortals and Die Immortals suddenly shattered, and the core parts of their souls quickly turned into crystal clear green beads and fell, while those ordinary people controlled by the clones of Pen Immortals and Die Immortals suddenly fell into pieces. fell down.
When faced with the sound of the Soul-falling Bell, the clones of the Pen Immortal and the Die Immortal in Pu Ren’s body were more vulnerable than their original bodies, and they were directly shattered inside Pu Ren’s body.
At the end of three bells, all the Pen Immortals and Die Immortals within the range were killed!
Then Wei Xiaobei tried to restore the spiritual connection between ordinary people.
After the clones of the Pen Immortal and the Dish Immortal were killed by the bell, the controlled common people fell to the ground one by one.
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei was surprised to find that these ordinary people could still be controlled by him.
Of course, what surprised Wei Xiaobei the most was that there were some changes in the common people who were controlled by Bixian and then rescued.
To be precise, these ordinary people have some extra abilities.
Their charm attribute has been improved a bit, and they have the ability to release Qi Escape three times a day, and they also have the ability to swallow pen immortals or dish immortals!
To put it simply, these ordinary people have completely integrated the power of the Bi Xian Bi into their own bodies.
There are not many such ordinary people, only about ten.
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei conducted some tests and drove Pu Ren to continue walking towards the depths of Green Lake University.
It has to be said that in reality, Cuihu University has completely become the home of the pen fairy and the dish fairy.
The density of pen immortals and dish immortals here is quite astonishing.
Those ordinary people who had obtained the power of the pen immortals seduced some pen immortals and dish immortals not long after they walked out of the woods.
Obviously, the deeper you go into Cuihu University, the larger and stronger these Pen Immortals and Die Immortals become.
They quickly rushed towards these ordinary people, trying to plant their clones into these humans.
But this behavior has been brutally attacked by ordinary people!
You must know that the bodies o

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