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from the dragon’s skin. However, after successfully sewing this dragon’s soft armor, Wei Xiaobei was somewhat surprised to find that in the attribute panel Added a skill.


Jan 5, 2024

Sewing: The ability to use a needle knife and other objects to sew cloth, satin, fur, etc. into clothes and soft armor.
/You must know that with the number of skills Wei Xiaobei has now, it is very difficult to add a new skill, and this sewing skill has reached the level of mastery as soon as it appeared.
Well, this sewing skill is not a very ordinary skill. Each level of improvement requires completing related tasks like fishing. For example, now, if you want to upgrade your mastery to proficiency, you need Wei Xiaobei to sew it by himself. Thousands of clothes.
Wei Xiaobei frowned when he saw the task requirements. The difficulty of the task was very low, but it took a lot of time to sew a thousand pieces of clothing.
Wei Xiaobei doesn’t have so much time to waste on improving this skill now.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei temporarily put down his sewing skills, then took off his clothes and put the dragon’s soft armor on next to his body.
Not to mention, although Wei Xiaobei’s sewing of this soft dragon armor didn’t look very good, it was extremely soft and smooth when worn on his body. After wearing it for a little longer, Wei Xiaobei almost forgot that he was still wearing such a suit. A piece of soft armor.
Not to mention, this dragon is full of treasures.
Even the dragon needle with soft armor sewn on it can be used as a weapon due to its extremely sharp effect.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei could only use it as a hidden weapon in close combat.
With Wei Xiaobei’s current arm strength, as long as the enemy enters within a radius of 200 meters, Wei Xiaobei can kill as many enemies as they come with a dragon needle.
Other hidden weapons may be considered powerful if they can penetrate an enemy, but with this dragon needle, enemies in a straight line will probably not be able to escape.
And next, Wei Xiaobei took out all the dragon dragon juice, put it into the dragon scale pot, and slowly simmered it over low heat until the translucent water-like juice became extremely sticky.
Although the volume of this juice has been reduced by more than a hundred times after being tortured, and thousands of bottles of dragonfly juice have been reduced to less than ten bottles, its specific anesthetic effect has been increased by more than twenty times!
To put it simply, Wei Xiaobei was standing by the pot. Even if he held his breath, he could feel the smell wafting from the pot entering his pores.
Although Wei Xiaobei closed the pores all over his body after only a trace of the smell had penetrated, the smell did not stop and even eroded inward against the skin!
In an instant, Wei Xiaobei felt that his control over his body had weakened.
What a domineering anesthetic!
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei had never seen such a weird anesthetic.
Not to mention taking such an anesthetic, if you just close your breathing and pores and stand nearby, Wei Xiaobei might be

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