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only selectively absorbed some memories, such as basic physics and chemistry, top chefs, etc. As for other memories, no matter how good they were, Wei Xiaobei could only eliminate them.


Jan 5, 2024

After all, when it comes to memory, more is not always better. Without enough intelligence or brain to support it, too many memories will only confuse your thinking and eventually turn you into a lunatic.
You know, just absorbing the memories of basic physics, chemistry and even chefs made Wei Xiaobei feel a constant pain in his forehead.
A week had passed before Wei Xiaobei cleared all human memories.
The remaining memory of the ghost bird has been divided into six parts in Wei Xiaobei’s mind, one part in each mind, which is constantly being analyzed and absorbed.
Regarding the memories of these ghost birds, Wei Xiaobei did not accept them all.
/You must know that this ghost bird has not been alive for a short time, and a considerable part of its memory is the experience in the gray world. Of course, Wei Xiaobei also learned some situations in the Japanese gray world from this.
But most of his memories were about the killing of humans, other ghosts, etc. These memories were completely useless, so Wei Xiaobei directly chose to exclude them.
However, excluding these memories becomes more difficult than excluding human memories.
He is full of energy, his eyes are full of energy, and he is in a state of ecstasy.
This is how Master Cheng Biwu described Wei Xiaobei.
Cheng Biwu is now semi-retired. He mainly lives on the capital island of Lusnia, accompanying his wife and daughter. He occasionally goes to Weijia Island to teach the students in school. His reputation on Weijia Island is not very good. Small.
Indeed, Wei Xiaobei felt that he was different now. His eyes naturally emitted a faint glow. It was fine during the day, but at night, they were just like two light bulbs. At first glance, they were a bit scary.
Wei Xiaobei felt helpless about this.
After absorbing the memory fog of the ghost bird’s remnant soul, his soul strength increased to 320 points! It has improved by 30 points based on the original!
You must know that the strength of the soul is the same as the major attributes. The further you increase it, the higher the requirements and the greater the difficulty.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t know how strong the souls of Ao Yan’s powerful beings were, but after his soul strength increased to 320 points, he felt that his body was a little raw and disharmonious.
To put it simply, as the soul becomes stronger, the original body is not able to adapt to it, resulting in some minor problems.
For example, when Wei Xiaobei punched out, it was supposed to be a smooth punch, but now it felt like his body was like a leather bag, limiting his performance.
However, the best solution to this unfamiliar and unadaptable situation is to improve some of your own attributes so that your body can be in harmony with your soul.
/As for the difference in other people’s feelings when they saw it, it was the result of too much soul essence obtai

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