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nd this green cow undoubtedly adopted the method of raising ghosts through locust trees.


Jan 6, 2024

Now it seems that this method is good. The yin energy of the locust tree continuously nourishes those spiritual bodies, and because those spiritual bodies gather in a forest, the yin energy of the forest intensifies, making the locust tree grow better.
In this way, it creates a virtuous cycle.
Of course, the only trouble is that this forest is likely to form a dark place in the future.
The so-called Yin Qi place refers to a place with extremely strong Yin Qi.
For example, battlefields where many people died, graves that have been littered for many years, and even some dark areas where sunlight does not shine all year round.
A place like this with yin energy can easily breed evil spirits, ghosts and other evil things.
Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei felt a headache.
He doesn’t want his Aoki Paradise to turn into a place full of ghosts. In that case, when his parents come in in the future, won’t they be scared to death?
Wei Xiaobei thought for a while, but couldn’t think of a better solution.
Of course, the most direct way is to eradicate this locust forest and eliminate those spirits. In that case, everything will be over.
/But if this is the case, there is no need for Wei Xiaobei to take these spirits in before. Wouldn’t it be better to let them fend for themselves outside? After all, in their previous state, the most they can do outside is In just half an hour, they all died out on their own.
Looking at Qing Niu who was lying down and getting ready to sleep, Wei Xiaobei felt that this kind of matter should be solved by an expert. At least judging from his previous performance, Qing Niu was much clearer about this kind of thing than he was.
Later, Wei Xiaobei told Qingniu his worries, and Qingniu, who had already caught his eyelids, couldn’t help but laugh: “Little brother, it seems that you know too little about this blessed land. Who is your teacher?” ah?”
Well, when this Qingniu asked Wei Xiaobei to cook before, he was just like Brother Wei. Now that Wei Xiaobei is begging for it, his tone suddenly changed.
Little brother!
Of course, even if Qing Niu behaved like this, Wei Xiaobei could not turn against him, so he could only vaguely talk about his relationship with Qi Si Yu Nu.
/It probably means that Qi Si Yunv is his teacher.
After all, Qing Niu seems to have a good relationship with Qi Si Jade Girl. He holds the title of Qi Si Jade Girl’s apprentice, so Qing Niu is embarrassed to be too embarrassed about some things.
After listening to Wei Xiaobei’s words, Qing Niu burst out laughing: “Qi Si Yunu is a bit young after all, and she still has some shortcomings as a teacher. Come on, little brother, let Lao Niu teach you a lesson today.”
To be honest, this Qingniu’s words are really not pleasant to hear.
Although the master-disciple relationship between Wei Xiaobei and Qisi Yunv is relatively vague, and it is probably a transactional one, in front of Wei Xiaobei, Qing Niu is really a bit heartless, or a little

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