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and would be a difficult task.


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He would not think that as the British special envoy, he would be awesome in front of Wei Xiaobei. He was considered relatively strong among the gray world practitioners.
The strong have their own arrogance, especially in this chaotic era, the powerful may not be able to suppress the strong.
/For a being like Wei Xiaobei, Britain probably didn’t pose much of a threat even in its heyday, let alone now that it was in chaos and its military strength was greatly reduced.
The only thing that made Zhang Tianxiong feel a little puzzled and secretly happy was that the reason why he was attracted by the other party turned out to be his former university major, biogenetic engineering!
Fortunately, although the world is in chaos, Zhang Tianxiong’s major has not been abandoned because of this. There are many scientific research successes on his farm. Therefore, even for this reason, Zhang Tianxiong still has some confidence in his heart and will not worry about his insufficient level. , and was kicked out of the house later.
Since he decided to go out that day, Wei Xiaobei didn’t waste any more time. After sending Zhang Tianxiong out to wait, he called Li Lanxing and others in.
At this time, the only disciples on Weijia Island who could arrive in a short time were Huang Kun, Xiao Bailing, Tian Yuwen, Li Lanxing, and Zhang Tiantian. Prince Tamalas was busy consolidating his position as crown prince. This period of time was quite busy, and Wei Xiaobei did not notify him.
When the five people arrived, Wei Xiaobei took out the half-broken Buddha’s head from the storage ring.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei take out a half-broken bronze head that looked like an antique, Huang Kun and others were a little confused. Could it be that Master is planning to hold a treasure appraisal conference today?
But the next moment, what Wei Xiaobei said left Huang Kun and others dumbfounded, almost unable to believe their ears.
“Everyone is here? Well, this time, I got a treasure for my teacher, which can unlock magical powers.”
Wei Xiaobei glanced at everyone, especially when he saw Huang Kun, he nodded and couldn’t help but smile.
For Wei Xiaobei, it was worth Huang Kun’s hard work under Ao Yan for so long. At least all the hidden dangers in his body had been eliminated, and he didn’t have to worry about his head being shot accidentally.
Activate magical powers?
What the hell?
When Huang Kun and other disciples heard Wei Xiaobei’s words, they couldn’t help but think that they were hearing hallucinations.
They all know more or less what magical powers are, but when will the master be able to unlock magical powers for his disciples?
Stop joking, Master! Today is not April 1st!
“Huang Kun! Why are you in a daze? Didn’t you hear what your master said?!”
If you want to obtain the supernatural powers unlocked by the half-broken Buddha’s head, you need to recite the Diamond Sutra as required!
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei took the time to copy a batch of Chinese versions of the Diamond Sutra. Anyway, there were no language

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