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pen the pig’s head at all.


Jan 5, 2024

This may be one of Gulimbursti’s methods for resurrecting him in the future.
But Wei Xiaobei definitely didn’t want to give the other party this chance.
/Wei Xiaobei couldn’t be bothered by the fact that he couldn’t directly access the divinity hidden in his head.
After appearing in Qingmu Paradise, Wei Xiaobei first tried throwing a pig’s head into a fireball, hoping that the fireball would directly burn the pig’s head and then devour the divinity contained in it.
But the move failed.
Although there was only one pig’s head left in Gulimbursti, after the pig’s head was thrown into the fireball, the extremely hot flames of the fireball had no effect on the pig’s head at all. The pig’s head was as if soaked in warm water, even the bristles on the pig’s head. Not even half of the hair was burned, completely ignoring the positive energy flame of the fireball.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei was not too surprised when such a situation occurred.
After all, this Gulimbursti can be regarded as one of the incarnations of sunlight, and the fireball originally developed in the direction of the sun god. Its flames are pure positive energy, so it is completely immune, which is considered normal.
But in this case, it would be troublesome for Wei Xiaobei to extract the divinity from the pig’s head.
Wei Xiaobei even activated the soul-absorbing ability on the pig head in an attempt to suck out the divinity.
But this behavior is undoubtedly a sign of seeking medical attention in a hurry.
If this pig’s head contains the soul of Gu Linbursti, this soul-absorbing ability may be of some use. Of course, it is more likely that it will have no effect at all. After all, Wei Xiaobei’s current soul-absorbing ability is just to suck a small one. It’s just an insect. If you want to use it to deal with a powerful being like the golden boar, you can only say haha.
To use a metaphor, this is just like ants shaking a big tree.
Next, Wei Xiaobei adopted various methods against Zhutou.
The shredded meat on the altar of life was useless. Even if it was pierced into the eyeball of the pig’s head, it could not penetrate even a little bit. At this time, the broken neck of the pig’s head was also blocked by a mysterious force.
At the end, Wei Xiaobei even took out his big ink gun and shot it towards the pig’s head!
Just when Wei Xiaobei was unable to do anything about the pig’s head, Qing Niu, who had been sleeping for who knows how long, woke up after a loud sneeze.
/It has to be said that Wei Xiaobei has been in bad luck for three lifetimes with such a master.
However, in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, the radiance emanating from Qing Niu, who had been sleeping for so long, was much stronger than before. Although it had not yet reached the level of qualitative change, Wei Xiaobei could also see that Qing Niu’s weakness was reduced. .
Qing Niu is now Wei Xiaobei’s biggest supporter, so Qing Niu’s strength has begun to recover, which makes Wei Xiaobei a little happy.
“Master, just wait a moment. You’ll be fine soon.”
Wei Xiaobei

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