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hausted. They killed more than two hundred Hun cavalry, but the elite Hun cavalry captured and seduced by Zhu Xinyi numbered more than one hundred and thirty.


Jan 5, 2024

In terms of biological level, the Hun cavalry captured and charmed by Zhu Xinyi are much worse than the monsters previously charmed. However, these Hun cavalry have wisdom. Even if they are charmed by Zhu Xinyi, they also have independent consciousness. And under Zhu Xinyi’s command, their combat effectiveness will be further improved!
It can be said that if Zhu Xinyi’s charming Huns cavalry exceeds 300, and coupled with several Huns cavalry generals, their combat effectiveness is far beyond that of a group of Dangkang wild boars.
Of course, Zhu Xinyi is now infinitely close to the four-star ordinary. Once she breaks through and seizes the charm of a few four-star creature-level monsters, the situation will be different.
But the combat effectiveness of an army that is well-trained and can be easily commanded by Zhu Xinyi is also quite terrifying.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei was still prepared to take Zhu Xinyi to Japan if she could break through to a four-star ordinary level to see if she could enchant a Yamata no Orochi.
If possible, Zhu Xinyi’s combat power will soar horribly!
As for Huang Kun, after killing some Huns cavalry, he vented his depression about being poisoned a little bit, and now he seems to be a little more energetic.
Of course, if a master like Huang Kun takes action, if the opponent is not four-star or above, it will be a complete crushing.
It has to be said that the Huns deployed so many scouts within a radius of more than ten kilometers from their camp, so the patrolling cavalry was not without purpose.
Wei Xiaobei and others had just finished dinner, and before they had time to wash the pots and pans, the common people standing on guard on the sentry tower sent a warning that the enemy was approaching.
/Well, this is normal. The military camp established by Wei Xiaobei is only eight kilometers away from the Xiongnu camp. For the cavalry, this is a very short distance.
The worst horse can only run the eight-kilometer distance in more than ten minutes. If it is a good horse or above, it can easily take five or six minutes.
In this way, for the Xiongnu camp, the military camp suddenly established on the hilltop was like a dagger against its throat! The guy who appears from the military camp on the hilltop may come to the Huns camp at any time!
In addition, Cheng Dalong and others had been wandering outside for more than three hours and killed many Huns patrols, which naturally aroused their vigilance.
Wei Xiaobei clapped his hands, stood up from the dining table, and led a group of people up to the wall to inspect it.
The number of Hun cavalry coming towards the military camp on the hill is not small. A rough count shows that there are thousands of them. Among them, the more than ten generals leading the team have also reached three-star terrifying biological levels. Among them, there are The one with the highest status should be

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