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ut if they had crossed Xumiru and arrived, Shang Bo and the young scholar would not have been so calm and indifferent.


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At this moment, the more he knew and the deeper his guesses became, the more troubled Chu Weiyang became.
“Fellow Daoist Chu?”
In this way, after several breaths passed, Chu Weiyang was still pondering. Shang Boxu seemed to be really impatient, so he hurriedly urged him again.
As the words fell and he came back to his senses, Chu Weiyang looked at Uncle Shang again.
His deep intuition told Chu Weiyang that perhaps the most incredible result he had guessed was the most likely thing, but all of this was like looking at flowers in the mist and the moon in the water, far away from him. Something too remote.
What are the nine heavens and ten lands, what is Zhongzhou, what is inside and outside the boundary?
That is something truly far beyond heaven and earth.
At this moment, facing Uncle Shang’s questioning, all the great monks at the Golden Core Realm were silent, as if they respected Chu Weiyang’s choice in terms of the True Form and Taoism.
And if it is impossible to fully understand the way Uncle Shang came and his whereabouts, then Chu Weiyang feels that the best choice for him at this moment is to actively guide him to completely integrate into the world. Come from the realm of Three Yuan Jiuzhen.
Unknown means unpredictable.
A visitor from a foreign land may seem elusive to others, but a great golden elixir cultivator who has completely integrated into this world has blended in with all the cultivators, and has gradually become somewhat harmonious.
After all, for a great cultivator in the Golden Core Realm, the luck and spiritual clouds are much thinner than those of ordinary cultivators. How could this be possible?
Thus, in the flash of lightning, Chu Weiyang’s numerous thoughts and ideas were all settled.
“Senior Shang, it’s like this. The so-called true form of Taoism is a one-time transaction and cannot be passed down as a dharma lineage like the illustrations.
Therefore, Pindao thought about it and decided that the bargaining chips were much lower than those in the catalog. For each True Form Tao Seed, you only need three Tao Fruit Demonic Pills in exchange.
Senior Shang is no exception. I am naturally happy to see my lineage of Taoism spread throughout the world. ”
/Seeing how happy Chu Weiyang agreed, Uncle Shang’s tense expression immediately showed some relief.
Zhu Xiusui also understood Chu Weiyang’s hidden meaning, and also showed an expression of approval.
If you want to teach Uncle Shang to integrate into this world, the first thing to do is to integrate more calamity energy into Uncle Shang. And in this wave of monsters, what is greater than transforming it with your own hands? The demon can teach Uncle Shang how to be contaminated with calamity!
Maybe Uncle Shang is really incapable of fortune telling, or maybe Uncle Shang no longer cares about or cares about these things in the face of Guizhen Taoism.
So, Uncle Shang almost nodded continuously.
At this moment, U

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