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Wei Xiaobei needs to devote all six of his minds to it. During this period, these six minds cannot carry out any other research activities.


Jan 5, 2024

In this regard, Wei Xiaobei made a decisive decision.
Obviously, the ongoing genetic analysis becomes less important than perfectly controlling some of the power tides.
After all, even if those genes were analyzed, Wei Xiaobei would not be able to use them on himself. He could only let the altar of life cultivate more powerful creatures.
Compared with cultivating living creatures, Wei Xiaobei’s own strength is more important.
He lightly touched the sea with his right foot, and the wind came from all around, carrying Wei Xiaobei like a stream of light, flying towards the direction of the turtle demon king. However, when he was more than half way away, Wei Xiaobei slowed down and switched to stepping on the air. , ran for a while, and returned to the top of the head of the Xuan Turtle Demon King.
For him, this was helpless.
Wei Xiaobei’s control over the wind was much worse than the power tide. If he wanted to directly return to the head of the Xuan Turtle Demon King, he would probably make a big joke.
It is easy to go out of angle and either bump into the turtle demon king or rush into the sea.
In this way, Wei Xiaobei only controlled the wind slightly, and then ran back honestly.
During this process, the Xuan Turtle Demon King relied on his extremely powerful defense and did not pause at all. Even those aquatic tribes that were affected by the huge waves quickly caught up.
In addition, in the following time, after the water tribe confirmed the growing true dragon bloodline in the Xuan Turtle Demon King, they immediately confirmed the Xuan Turtle Demon King as the second king.
You know, when monsters like the Shui tribe encounter dragons with stronger true dragon bloodlines, it is difficult to resist the pressure from the depths of their bloodlines, and they have to surrender.
/To put it simply, even the strongest water tribe will have to kneel down automatically when encountering a real dragon!
This is also the main reason why those water tribes want to become dragons.
What if it were you, already extremely powerful, willing to kneel in front of a little dragon?
The Xuan Turtle Demon King now needs strength and blood, and the true dragon bloodline has begun to condense and improve. If Wei Xiaobei’s ability had not completely restrained these water tribes, and even the Xuan Turtle Demon King seemed to be headed by him, these water tribes would They may not regard the Xuan Turtle Demon King as the Great King, and Wei Xiaobei can only be regarded as the Second Great King at most.
The Xuan Turtle Demon King was a powerful being who had been the leader of a clan. Although he had fought fierce battles with these aquatic tribes before, he was extremely fat and did not care too much about them at all.
In this way, those water tribes respectfully guarded the Xuan Turtle Demon King in the middle, surrounded by tens of thousands of water tribes. The vastness further highlig

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