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for Weijia Island’s intelligence department to find confidential US military information, but things like this are very easy.


Jan 5, 2024

At this time, the top American officials, who were struggling due to various unexpected events, never expected that someone would actually have the idea of ????reserving food!
A country’s food reserves have always been heavily defended. Although the United States has a vast land and abundant resources, with farms all over the country, this food reserve will naturally not be allowed to come and go at will.
The National Grain Reserve Center in Alami City is one of the three largest grain reserve centers in the United States. It is built more than 50 meters underground. The reinforced concrete structure more than 10 meters thick allows it to withstand the overwhelming force. Most ground-penetrating bomb threats.
Of course, this kind of food reserve center was also built to prevent a world war, so it is stronger than normal people imagine.
To be honest, if Weijia Island’s intelligence department hadn’t marked the detailed location, Wei Xiaobei would never have thought that this food reserve center was located in the desert more than 30 kilometers away from Alami City.
Wei Xiaobei, who quietly appeared in the Alami Desert, looked at the sand dunes in the distance.
/As Wei Xiaobei watched, the terrain here quickly appeared in his mind.
There is no doubt that this grain reserve center can be called a huge underground base.
If Wei Xiaobei wants to enter this food storage center, he must first break through the steel gate hidden in the sand dunes.
But just when Wei Xiaobei was about to break in violently, he heard the roar of a car engine in the distance.
At this time, on the road through the desert, a fleet of Hercules heavy-duty trucks was driving rapidly. They were the transport fleet responsible for transporting grain into the reserve center.
Each Hercules heavy-duty truck can transport more than one hundred tons of grain when fully loaded!
This convoy consists of twelve Hercules heavy-duty trucks, which means that this convoy alone carries 1,200 tons of grain!
To be honest, if these 1,200 tons of food were not enough for the Alazisai people to eat for a week, Wei Xiaobei would have thought of simply packing the convoy back.
But having said that, with the cover of this convoy, it would not be difficult for Wei Xiaobei to enter the grain storage center silently.
After all, the movement of breaking in directly would be too great, and Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to expose himself to the eyes of the United States and cause unnecessary problems.
The drivers on the Hercules heavy truck are joking with each other through the headsets. For them, after this transportation mission is over, they can go to Alami City to have a good time, have a few drinks and relieve their work. fatigue.
“Hey Robin, how was it with that girl you had last time?”
A driver with a sinister face was listening to country music and laughing.
He didn’t notice that a figure suddenly jumped out of the sand on the roadside

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