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ased his right hand, another arrow came out from the string!


Jan 4, 2024

With the speed of the arrow, even a flying bulldozer cannot dodge the giant turtle.
There was a soft sound, and the arrow penetrated the giant turtle’s back again.
But this time, the arrow exploded when it was halfway in, and forcefully opened a big hole in the carapace on the back of the giant turtle!
The blood in the giant turtle’s body surged out in an instant, rising into the sky like a bloody fountain on the river surface.
But before the giant turtle could howl in agony, Wei Xiaobei shot three more arrows in succession. These three arrows hit the tail and two legs of the giant turtle respectively!
In less than a few breaths, the giant turtle was severely injured. The blood stained the surrounding river red, and even floated on the surface of the river, motionless.
It is said that this turtle demon’s vitality is very strong. Even with such a serious injury, in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, its fire of life is still high.
To be honest, if Wei Xiaobei’s arrow didn’t have the power of light and heat attached to his wound, making it impossible to recover, given his strong vitality, it would only take half a minute to recover half of it.
Of course, even so, Wei Xiaobei could still beat him to the brink of death again in an instant.
But if this happens, it will become a lot of trouble.
It seems like it should be OK now?
Wei Xiaobei’s eyes moved away from the dying giant turtle and landed on the rain clouds in the distance.
There, a dragon head like the front of a heavy truck was poking out from the rain clouds. There was a pair of big tree-like dragon horns on its head, and two waterfall-like dragon whiskers hung from the corners of its mouth. The dragon’s eyes were like wheels, pulling out the angry dragon’s head. His eyes fell on Wei Xiaobei.
This is a hybrid dragon!
Wei Xiaobei was certain of this, but a problem arose. The opponent was a grown-up hybrid dragon!
It should be said that Wei Xiaobei had fought with hybrid dragons both in the gray world and in reality.
But those hybrid dragons could only be considered teenagers, not yet adults, and the concentration of their true dragon blood was undoubtedly much lower than that of the hybrid dragon in front of Wei Xiaobei.
Of course Wei Xiaobei couldn’t directly sense the opponent’s bloodline concentration, but he could tell something about it from his appearance!
Just judging from the head of this hybrid dragon protruding from the clouds, its head similarity to that of a real dragon has exceeded 80%!
/In other words, its blood concentration is at least 70%!
And even if such a hybrid dragon is not as strong as a true dragon, its strength is probably not comparable to that of an ordinary juvenile true dragon.
Therefore, even though the aura of this hybrid dragon was obscured by the water vapor in the sky, Wei Xiaobei could deduce that its strength must have reached the level of a four-star disaster!
And that giant turtle was just as Wei Xiaobei imagined, the dragon’s right-hand man.
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