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skewers. Twenty skewers would send him directly to the hospital.


Jan 4, 2024

And this little girl ate 32 skewers in one go and still looked hungry.
Maybe it’s a Taotie in disguise?
Wei Xiaobei smiled bitterly, feeling amused by his own imagination.
Most of the barbecue in the backpack was cleaned one by one, cut into small pieces, and skewered on shaved branches.
Compared with bamboo sticks, this branch is indeed a little inconvenient.
So when the little girl saw that there was no barbecue on the fire, she took the initiative to come over and help skewer the meat.
Wei Xiaobei looked at the branch that the little girl accidentally broke off with too much force, and couldn’t help but sigh: “It would be great if there were bamboo.”
Well, the little girl, the Pingwheel Messenger, has had a hard time talking from the beginning to now.
But at this time, after hearing Wei Xiaobei’s sigh, he added: “Bamboo is no good, it’s too precious.”
After leaving these words, Wei Xiaobei was stunned, but the little girl got busy again.
/Bamboo is no good, too precious?
What does this mean?
Wei Xiaobei thought for a while, but couldn’t figure out the meaning. Does it mean that bamboo in Baita Mountain is very rare, or does it mean that bamboo is an important strategic resource in the gray world? Or does it mean something else?
There is too little information. Even if Wei Xiaobei’s reasoning attribute is raised to 20, it may be difficult to come up with a correct answer.
There is no result in asking the little girl. She will only look at you with her big round eyes and point to the skewered meat skewers.
It is said that this Dangkang wild boar meat is a little different from domestic pork in reality. As Wei Xiaobei’s barbecue skills gradually improved, the kebabs also began to exude some meaty aroma.
As these meat skewers continued to be grilled, Wei Xiaobei also noticed that the color of the cooking skills in the attribute panel was gradually deepening, changing from the initial white to gray.
It should be ok?
Wei Xiaobei first observed his own evolution point.
As a result of killing Zhang Xuanshuo and two frozen Dangkang wild boars, Wei Xiaobei now has 1360 evolution points.
Wei Xiaobei looked at the little girl, who was busy solving a pile of meat skewers piled on the rocks and didn’t notice him at all.
Not a big problem.
Wei Xiaobei then focused on his cooking skills.
/As attention is focused, evolution points begin to be consumed, and the color of the cooking skills continues to change from dark gray to red.
When the skill color completely changes to light red, the cooking skill is improved from a beginner to a slightly accomplished person.
It takes 50 evolution points to upgrade other skills from beginner to somewhat accomplished, but this cooking skill directly consumes 100 points.
After the cooking skill is slightly improved, the subsequent flavorful dishes will also become fragrant dishes 0/200.
This means that if you want to upgrade your cooking skills to the next level, you need to make 200 fragrant dishes.

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