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Jan 4, 2024

In other words, Zhang Xuanshuo can be said to be proud of himself both in the gray world and in reality.
But today, as soon as he stole the Pseudo serpentine, he was targeted.
Maybe he was targeted before.
It’s a pity that I just found Dangkang Zhiya and didn’t have time to grind it into a knife. Otherwise, my combat power will increase several times!
This white-faced boy must die!
Draw the sword!
Facing Wei Xiaobei’s big spear that came straight down, Zhang Xuan Shuo not only did not retreat, but instead rushed forward to face the big spear.
The Dangkang Zhiya on his waist suddenly swung out like a long knife and rolled up, just like Xing Tian’s heroic battle against the Emperor of Heaven.
Even Wei Xiaobei had to admire Zhang Xuanshuo in his heart.
I have mentioned this Japanese sword-drawing technique before, it can be called sinister and ruthless, but when it is used in the hands of Zhang Xuan Shuo, it completely changes its style.
With the same level of proficiency, Wei Xiaobei thought that even his Bajiquan could not reach this level.
Of course, this is excusable. I am afraid that Zhang Xuanshuo has invested dozens of times more energy in sword drawing than Wei Xiaobei!
You must know that Wei Xiaobei has only been in the gray world for half a year at most.
/When Kang Zhiya collided with the head of the big gun, the big gun bounced up again. After that, Zhang Xuanshuo took a lunge, like a running bull, and appeared in front of Wei Xiaobei in an instant. When Kang Zhiya moved toward Wei Xiaobei Stab again.
He is indeed a master!
Wei Xiaobei praised him again in his heart, but his expression did not change at all, and he did not abandon the big gun in his hand as the opponent approached.
For Wei Xiaobei, it was a bit ridiculous to want to give up his gun like this.
Wei Xiaobei shouted loudly, and the wave of sound erupted from his mouth overwhelmed Zhang Xuanshuo with overwhelming force, making his ears numb, his face swollen, and his mind almost went blank.
Wei Xiaobei is no longer a fledgling boy in Qi Refining.
The title of top master of Anjin was placed on Wei Xiaobei, and he was worthy of his name.
Regardless of the previous level of Anjin, as long as the meridians throughout the body are connected, it is at least the upper level of Anjin.
In fact, in the hands of many martial arts masters, the meridians throughout the body are basically close to the Huajin level.
Only when the meridians of the whole body are penetrated can one be able to advance and transform energy to the point where no part of the body is not a weapon and no part of the body cannot be attacked.
It is said that after reaching a higher level of energy, a warrior can gather energy into arrows and shoot them out from his mouth to attack the enemy.
Although Wei Xiaobei has not yet reached this level, the sound wave that came out when he opened his mouth and shouted really made Zhang Xuanshuo suffer a big loss.
Wei Xiaobei kicked Zhang Xuanshuo out with one kick.

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