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f Master’s craftsmanship.”


Jan 4, 2024

Zhu Xinyi had just gotten up, and her mind was not very clear. Then her eyes were blurred, and following Wei Xiaobei’s instructions, she turned around and put on her slippers and entered the bathroom.
When the towel mixed with hot water was covered on her face, Zhu Xinyi woke up slightly, but she was thinking, the breakfast made by the master shouldn’t be dark cuisine, right?
When she thought of this, Zhu Xinyi’s mind flashed to the isatis root instant noodles she had seen online, the salted fish preserved egg pumpkin soup, and even the most terrifying cockroach cake!
Just thinking about it made Zhu Xinyi feel like she had lost her appetite, and she vomited a few times while gargling.
Until she walked out of the bathroom, Zhu Xinyi felt a little uneasy.
Although Zhu Xinyi is not as picky about food as other girls, and she could eat the food in the cafeteria when she was in college, she is still a girl, and if the food is too dark, she will not be able to accept it psychologically.
As soon as she sat down at the dining table, Zhu Xinyi felt relieved.
At this time, there were fried dough pancakes, soy milk, and several kinds of pickles on the dining table. Judging from the appearance and the faint fragrance, it should be good.
I took a sip of the soy milk. It didn’t have the rancid smell that many soy milk shops have. I grabbed a fried dough pancake and took a bite. The shrimps and minced beef mixed with the noodles were mixed together, and the taste was amazing. Much better than those at roadside stalls.
“Master, you are really amazing.”
Zhu Xinyi was very impressed by Wei Xiaobei. She didn’t expect that a man could achieve this level in this regard. Although he was not as good as a chef in a big hotel, this level was already quite rare.
In particular, Zhu Xinyi’s previous views on Wei Xiaobei aggravated the effect of this gap.
Wei Xiaobei laughed, didn’t say much, lowered his head and started eating.
He was not embarrassed after hearing Zhu Xinyi’s praise, but was thinking about how to quickly improve his cooking skills.
When Wei Xiaobei was in the Gray Realm Baita Mountain, he had a hunch that if his cooking skills were promoted, it would bring him great surprises.
From this, Wei Xiaobei made up his mind to improve his cooking skills as soon as possible, even if it meant wasting some time entering the gray world.
But now the problem arises. For breakfast, only fried dough pancakes can be considered fragrant food.
Cooking (somewhat successful) flavorful dishes 3/200.
/Ten fried dough pancakes were made, and only three were included in the number of tasks.
According to this calculation, even if Wei Xiaobei eats three meals a day, it will take a long time to complete two hundred fragrant dishes.
In addition, Wei Xiaobei could also feel that he didn’t learn much from just making fried dough pancakes.
Should I go to a restaurant or hotel to apply for a chef job?
After searching through all the options, Wei Xiaobei realized that if he wanted to quickly improve his

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