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und, and even triggered violent earthquakes, causing chaos on the defense line.


Jan 4, 2024

Not only were the iron and stone monsters stunned by the shock, but even the soldiers on the defense line did not have much fighting power at this time. Only a few generals relied on their strong strength to take the opportunity to continuously kill the iron and stone monsters!
Only the turtle demon king persisted in attacking Baxia!
But there is a huge difference in physical strength between the Xuan Turtle Demon King and Ba Xia. Therefore, no matter how hard the Xuan Turtle Demon King hits Ba Xia, he cannot break Ba Xia’s unparalleled defense.
Of course, the Xuan Turtle Demon King is also a strong man of the water tribe who is about to break through to the level of a true dragon. Occasionally, he will sacrifice his life to hit him once or twice, but he can make Ba Xia’s body shake.
But that’s all.
The only person who can really attract his attention is Wei Xiaobei who continuously inflicts damage to his subordinates!
However, the more Wei Xiaobei fought with this bully, the more surprised he became, and the more he fought, the weaker he felt.
This underlord is simply the space carrier among turtles!
Even though Wei Xiaobei could cause damage to his eyeballs, to Ba Xia, these injuries were nothing more than ringworm and scabies. Although there was some pain and itching, it could not cause greater harm to him.
After Wei Xiaobei repeatedly caused damage to his eyes, the eyes of this bully were actually covered with a layer of transparent solid substance!
This caused Wei Xiaobei’s Sun God Spear to pierce it, and at most it would collapse into some iron-stone-like transparent material, which could no longer cause any damage to it.
/It seems that we can only choose other places to attack.
Wei Xiaobei then changed the target of attack to other parts of Baxia.
The neck was stabbed with one shot, breaking off some of the thick scales covering its neck.
The same goes for the limbs. The most dangerous thing is the back. Even if a big spear stabs it, not even a single fragment will break off.
Even if Wei Xiaobei’s whole body power explodes, the light and heat rules are activated, the sun gun is covered with thunder and lightning, real mercury, etc., all these powers are combined, integrated into the gun light, and the strongest gun energy is emitted, at most. Just by piercing a hole the size of a finger in Ba Xia’s body, and the hole is less than ten meters deep, the gun energy will be eliminated without a trace!
As far as Ba Xia is concerned, the depth of less than ten meters is only the thickness of a human skin.
Even at the back, Wei Xiaobei turned the Sun Divine Spear into the Sun Divine Bow, descended from a high altitude, took a limited number of dragon spear arrows soaked in dragon spear anesthetic juice, and shot towards Ba Xia!
This dragon arrow is the sharpest arrow in the world!
It can be said that nothing is indestructible!
Even the thickest back shell of this bully has no effect in front of this dragon arrow!
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