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ction of the City God’s Temple, but under the shroud of red light, they are still very brave, and their strength does not seem to have weakened at all, and they continue to shoot arrows at the gargoyles, or Throw a short spear.


Jan 4, 2024

But even so, those gargoyles always had the advantage of being able to fly. They gathered in groups and constantly launched surprise attacks on the military formation from the side, tearing each soldier into pieces.
Of course, those gargoyles that dared to attack could easily be smashed into pieces.
After watching for a while, Wei Xiaobei shook his head. Compared to Zhao Yun’s army, these soldiers from the City God’s Temple seemed too weak.
The weakness mentioned here does not only refer to weakness in strength, but also in terms of tactics, discipline, etc.
If Zhao Yun’s men are elite soldiers, then these Chenghuang Temple soldiers are probably at the level of militiamen.
Of course, there are also strong men with outstanding performance. For example, the tall and powerful executioner, who led the death row prisoners under his jurisdiction, continued to kill the gargoyles with great ease.
But in terms of the overall situation, the advantage still favors the Black Church.
The black priest is no longer on the square, and the black church is constantly spitting out streams of black smoke. Within the scope of the black smoke, the gargoyles appear to be getting stronger and stronger, even if most of them are broken into pieces. The body can recover quickly as long as it escapes into the black smoke.
The most terrible thing is that from the open window of the black church, gargoyles are still flying out. These gargoyles are much larger than the previous gargoyles alone, and they are even more ferocious when they charge.
The war situation gradually slipped from a stalemate to a tilt.
As time passed, a new monster soon appeared.
A monster with a lion-like body, eight legs, a pair of black bat wings, and a scorpion tail climbed out of the window. Its whole body was blue-gray, like a statue, and its size was several times larger than that of a normal lion, but when it moved Extremely flexible, he swam easily on the black church like a gecko. After a while, he climbed up to the spire on top of the black church.
As a roar came, the manticore flapped its wings and jumped up from the spire. The gargoyles surrounding the black church moved out of the way, seeming to be very afraid of the manticore.
Your sister, Wei Xiaobei looked at this scene and felt that it felt like a certain game, something like a gargoyle or a manticore.
In the blink of an eye, the Manticore rushed into the formation of Chenghuang Temple soldiers and started killing them.
/The big mouth like a blood basin opened, and in an instant it took a soldier’s head into his mouth. With a slight bite, the soldier turned into a headless corpse. At the same time, the scorpion tail swept over several soldiers like a dragonfly touching water. , causing those soldiers to die of poison in an instant.
In less than a few m

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