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ment, Wei Xiaobei, who was more than 500 meters away on the shore, felt upset, and then he seemed to see something again.


Jan 4, 2024

Fortunately, after a moment, Iron Will came into play and dispelled all the effects of the green light.
But at this time, Wei Xiaobei had unknowingly walked out of the ash pile and advanced nearly thirty meters towards Green Lake!
This speed is like running wildly!
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t believe it. If his iron will had not worked, or if he had been too close to the green lake, he might have jumped into the green lake by now.
As for life or death, Wei Xiaobei himself couldn’t guess.
There is no doubt that the black shadow is the Thousand-Eyed Monster.
The power of the Thousand-Eyed Monster has completely exceeded Wei Xiaobei’s estimation!
Nearly invincible at the same level!
/I’m afraid even a big tree spirit would have a hard time escaping the control of this Thousand-Eyed Monster at a slightly closer distance!
Perhaps only a completely uncontrollable weapon monster like the Flying God Gun Demon can fight against this Thousand-Eyed Monster.
Of course, if you have ultra-long-range attack methods, you may not be able to fight this thousand-eyed monster.
But Wei Xiaobei didn’t have any hope at this time. Even if he activated precise calculations, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t calculate his chances of winning.
At this time, the thousand-eyed monster had opened its black mouth, and the half-evil mermaids who had lost their minds swam straight into the huge mouth without even the slightest hesitation.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei didn’t hesitate at all, turned around and ran towards the way he came.
Wei Xiaobei did not notice that as he left, the green light emitted from the eyes of the Thousand-Eyed Monster weakened a lot, as if a human being was relieved.
According to the original plan, Wei Xiaobei walked through the snack street and headed towards the grassland.
Compared to the black beetles, although the number of green-skinned dwarves is much smaller, each green-skinned dwarf has a benefit of 8 evolution points, and is easily angered and surrounded from all directions.
Of course, if something goes wrong with the greenskins and zombies, then Wei Xiaobei will have no choice but to head to the desert.
There, the Black Giant Scorpion with 50 evolution points and the Scarab Descendant with 5 evolution points are pretty good, but they are too scattered, making it difficult to quickly gather evolution points.
After having the experience of the Thousand-Eyed Monster, Wei Xiaobei slowed down when he reached the end of the snack street.
Looking from the end of the snack street, the grassland looks very quiet. Well, it should be called grassland now.
On the grassland, green skins are leisurely collecting fruits or lying on the ground and sleeping soundly.
Sorry, this thought flashed through Wei Xiaobei’s mind, but his men showed no mercy at all. They rushed over in a few steps, and then the big gun swept out, and several greenskins were swept away until they vomited blood and flew away. .

By sangna