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Jan 4, 2024

Ye Sijin was a shortcut in his memory. Liu Changan was very patient, but if it weren’t for Ye Sijin, he wouldn’t have cooperated with Qin Yanan and Zhu Juntang’s temptations.
Liu Changan walked to Lushan Mountain and pressed the elevator door. Qin Yanan opened the elevator. Liu Changan walked up and saw Qin Yanan wearing the cheongsam customized by “Explanation”. She had a graceful figure and elegant temperament, with a slight frown between her eyebrows. A cool woman always makes people feel extremely beautiful when she wears this kind of clothing.
“I saw you walking slowly up the mountain path upstairs.”
“How about taking the cable car?”
“I mean, do you want to buy a car? It will be more convenient to go to school.”
“No money.”
“I send you.”
“The car is troublesome and inconvenient.” Liu Changan shook his head, “I like walking. I walk and run everywhere I go. Have you seen “Forrest Gump”? I can do better than Forrest Gump. run.”
“Of course you are not an ordinary person.” Qin Yanan said meaningfully.
“Are you wearing this cheongsam to reenact the scene that night?” Liu Changan said, pointing to her cheongsam.
“I think dressing like this will induce Ye Sijin to appear in my mind. I hope you have a good talk with her this time. If she has any unfulfilled wishes, we can help her fulfill them.” Qin Yanan said seriously He said, his tone gentle and sincere.
“Ye Sijin’s unfulfilled wish is to marry Ye Chenyu. Your great-grandfather believes that marrying you to me is a substitute for her unfulfilled wish.” Liu Changan shook his head, “How can you help her fulfill such a wish?”
Although Liu Changan did not say that Ye Chenyu in his mouth was him, it can also be understood that the unfinished love between Ye Sijin and Ye Chenyu is impossible for their descendants Qin Yanan and Liu Changan to complete, but Qin Yanan still firmly believes that Liu Changan deliberately mentioned Ye Chenyu’s name, Just being stubborn.
Ye Sijin’s unfulfilled wish is to marry Ye Chenyu? Qin Yanan didn’t believe it. This was too ridiculous. Qin Yanan’s heart beat a little faster. Could it be that the man Ye Sijin was lingering with in his dream was really Ye Chenyu?
I hope I can test it out tonight, Qin Yanan is already ready.
/Liu Changan was also prepared. He didn’t care too much about Qin Yanan knowing the secret. He just felt that the time was right, so he naturally told her. Now that she is so eager for confirmation, in addition to the curiosity that normal people have, there is also Is there any other reason to prove that he is Ye Chenyu?
Maybe, Liu Changan felt that Qin Yanan had some secrets that he hadn’t revealed, maybe related to her birth, or related to the coffin. In short, she was testing him, and Liu Changan was just using his tricks. If she wanted to know his secret so much, then he would tell her She is fine, as long as she is willing to exchange her secret.
Qin Yanan stopped mentioning Ye Sijin’s wish and asked Liu Changan if he wanted to eat something. Liu Changan thought of Su Mei. Women always like

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