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to make it invisible to others, you can only seal all the energy and fluctuations in your body.


Jan 4, 2024

Neither the Immortal King nor Hel realized that they had stumbled onto the right path.
Gothe’s system is just an idea. The essence of magic is to absorb and transform the energy between heaven and earth. This has been done since the beginning of the Ethiopian civilization, while the Han civilization directly borrowed and controlled the energy between heaven and earth to achieve its own purposes.
Gothe put the two together. The original idea was to use his own magic power as a detonator, use the energy between heaven and earth as explosives, and use mental power to trigger it.
If Hull really practices according to this system, it doesn’t matter if he casts small magic. Once he releases a large magic, he will be blown to pieces like a bomb.
But now, after the changes made by the Immortal King, the intensity of magic that triggers magic is limited to the level of a match head for the sake of secrecy, and the crisis hidden in Gaode’s system has naturally disappeared.
Hull didn’t know this. He only knew that this system was very secretive, and it was not easy to detect whether it was practicing or taking action. Especially when he was practicing, everyone who saw him thought he was in a trance.
After the investiture ceremony, Hull returned to Marconi.
Compared with the last time he came, Marconiwen seemed much depressed. After all, the accident caused the death of thousands of people in this town, and it was not easy to restore its original popularity.
Also because the accident was so horrific, all the people who originally lived in Makoniwen found excuses to move out one after another. Even many members of the Philip family moved away, so most of the time, the streets were empty. of.
It was only because of the funeral of old Philip and his wife and the wedding of young Philip that Marconiwen resumed its former bustle.
There was a funeral at the beginning of the month. The funeral was quite grand. When old Philip was alive, he would never have believed that His Majesty the Emperor would come to express his condolences in person.
/Unfortunately for the couple, the corpses were all blown to pieces, so they had to be put into coffins beforehand, so that no one could even see them for the last time.
Of course, the coffins of the old couple were placed in the family cemetery, and the epitaph was personally written by the old count’s “former colleague” Imperial Prime Minister Besmo. Not many people could have such an honor. The epitaph records the few achievements of the old earl in his life.
The leading figure of the Dockman family was also present this time.
This family, which has been married to the Philip family for generations, has a typical style of Beru military aristocracy.
The expressions and every move of these people named Dockman all seemed to be carved out of the same mold. The most interesting thing is that when they spoke and greeted each other, they did not talk to each other as cousins ??or uncles. Tit

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