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nce, and the end of existence is still death. This is a reincarnation. Hel, who has seen the ancient Essi god Anubis, can completely understand this theory.


Jan 3, 2024

As for the last one, it’s a bit mysterious. The last statement has the same purpose of surviving, but it believes that if you want to understand the meaning of life, you must explore it from death; only after you fully grasp the true meaning of death can you obtain eternal life.
This theory shocked Hull, and what shocked him even more was that “Da Le Fu”, which he had practiced most profoundly, actually followed this path.
It was not until this time that Hull noticed that the highest state of “Da Le Fu” only has eight words: “break and then stand, annihilation and eternal life.”
He felt bad at first, but when he saw these eight words again, Hull almost fainted. He quickly looked through the part of “Da Le Fu” that he had ignored before.
After reading all that nonsense, Hull was completely dumbfounded.
According to what was said above, the eleven levels of realms in front of “Da Le Fu” are all just means. These means are to obtain enough chips for the purpose of “breaking down and then standing up, destroying eternal life”.
The person who wrote this book believed that the highest state of life is eternal existence, and anything else is unnecessary. Whether it is powerful power or the ability to create and control everything, they are nothing more than a burden in the face of eternal existence.
The most bizarre thing is that it is believed that anything with form, quality and energy cannot exist forever. Only things that are intangible, quality and energy can achieve eternity.
The purpose of practicing “Da Le Fu” to the end is to become something that is not even a ghost, and to achieve this goal, one must experience annihilation. This really left Hull speechless. He now particularly regrets that he rushed to start training without reading the instructions clearly. Now he is riding a tiger and is in a difficult position.
That kind of thing that is not even a ghost is called a demon, but its name is very majestic. Hel turned over the secret book. The secret book itself is called “The Secret of the Demon”.
He has never heard of such a thing as a demon. From the description, it seems that the demon is definitely not a creature from the demon world, but more like a ghost or a shadow or other undead creature. He knew all about undead creatures, but he had never heard of anything similar to them.
The strongest among the ghost-like undead creatures is the shadow. In terms of strength, the shadow is far more powerful than this inexplicable demon.
/Shadow is one of the top beings in the necromantic system. Its most powerful killing move is to directly attack the soul. Its soul erosion can directly cause the death of a lower-level god.
Not to mention those angels used as combat weapons. The strong ones among the angels are much stronger than the lower gods, but their souls are much weaker, and the shadows are definitely their nemesis.
As for the Heavenly Demon,

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