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e the weakest angel wing among the many variants of the magic furnace as the research direction.


Jan 3, 2024

“Even so, it didn’t make Kesdu completely off guard. I knew he was spying on me, and that made me uncomfortable.
“I have only two choices, either to kill this troublesome guy, or to avoid him from a distance. I am sure to kill him, because the Fall Token is in my hand, and I can use this artifact to Kill everyone. Fortunately, no one knows the secret.
“My final decision was to disappear in front of everyone. In order not to arouse anyone’s suspicion, I asked Charlie to help me act in a play. I knew that the hands of the Holy See had reached into Charlie’s court, and had interacted with many people around Charlie. The ministers and nobles were united, so I simply let these people do the job, making my disappearance seem natural.
/“But until now, I didn’t know that Charlie was such an excellent actor. He deceived everyone, and even deceived Gothe. I never thought that Gothe would fight for me, and it also surprised me. What’s surprising is that his strength has grown so rapidly.
“Kestu suffered a lot under Gothe, which is really gratifying. What’s even more gratifying is that Kestu’s heart of light has been completely destroyed, and his strength will be greatly weakened as a result.
“Gothe is good at everything, but his heart is too soft. He caused heavy losses to the Holy See, but he did not eradicate the root cause, so I had to jump out and commit suicide myself.
“I killed a lot of people. At least the Holy See wouldn’t be able to recover in a short period of time. After doing this, I officially disappeared from people’s eyes. After disappearing from people’s eyes, I hid in the secret laboratory that Charlie built for me all day long. Conduct your own research here.
“Until one day Charlie showed off his cards to me. He told me that the reason why he conquered the entire world was not for fame or prestige, but to be able to build something called the Boat of Reception, and this secret was originally known only to Gothe.
“After I looked at the drawings, I almost fainted, because the core of the boat was actually the three doomsday artifacts. I didn’t know if he was testing me. Did Charlie know that I had the Fall Token in my hand?
“But as time goes by, I can be sure that Charlie does not know that one of the three artifacts is in my hands. Building the boat is a long work, and Charlie sends spies everywhere to find the whereabouts of the three artifacts of doomsday.
“In the end, the three doomsday artifacts were not found, but the Thunder God’s Whip was found. In addition to the Thunder God’s Whip, there were also manufacturing drawings for several other artifacts, which should be leftovers from a previous civilization.
“But I don’t know how the Vatican knew about this, and then the Vatican wanted to take away the drawings, which made Charlie very angry.
“Charlie’s dissatisfaction with the Holy See has been accumulating for a long time. The Holy See is becoming more and more like the destroyed Northern Ice Pal

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