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Jan 3, 2024

Since the last time they hunted a rotten water wolf, their settlement has not harvested anything for four or five days in a row. For some reason, the activities of the nearby aliens suddenly increased suddenly. They were originally in the richest area of ??the mountain forest. Those alien races actually began to migrate to the barren mountains and rivers here. The alien race closest to this cave actually climbed a little over the mountain. As a result, the previous two hunting teams were completely wiped out, and even caused a fire. A man-eating model patrol came to check the surrounding area. Fortunately, they were careless and did not discover the cave. However, this prevented them from leaving the cave easily, and this continues to this day.
It’s really not going to work anymore. The very little food stored in the past has been eaten up, and the bones of the rotten water wolf have been ground into powder. Some people even ignored the military control prohibition and ran outside the cave to dig grass and bark to satisfy their hunger. He was later discovered, tied up and beaten. He also chewed bark and cried while being beaten.
There are also those children who are crying from hunger. Many women who have just given birth can’t even squeeze out any milk from their breasts. They can only squeeze out the smallest traces of water and blood. One of them, an eight-year-old boy, today The body was found in the morning. He was so hungry that he swallowed a few small gravels. The tip of the stone opened his stomach. He died of internal bleeding. Although before he died, he had always told his mother that he had a stomachache. But the adults thought he was hungry. Today, the middle-aged woman was crying and hugging her son. She looked a little crazy.
/Yes, they are really hungry. If they don’t hunt anymore, then they will all starve to death in this cave.
/Wang Jun assumed this responsibility and decided to lead his team to go hunting. Taking advantage of the heavy fog, he could avoid the alien patrols. Although it was unlikely that he would bring back too much food, At least you can go to distant places to collect some tree roots, bark, or young leaves. It could at least keep everyone going for a while, so he took his team and set off. Before setting off, the Military Control Committee, an organization similar to a parliament, was established by all party members and those who had joined the army to manage the data in the cave. Hundreds of people.
It was the chairman of the Military Control Commission, an old Red Army man in his eighties. He gave a small bag to Wang Jun with trembling hands. In the small bag was a bag of bone meal, ground into powder from the bones of the rotten water wolf. This old man Because the Red Army was an old man, he got this small mouthful of bone meal, but he was reluctant to eat it, so he gave it to Wang Jun.
Wang Jun wiped away his tears behind everyone’s back, then swallowed the bone powder into his mouth, ran to the underground river and drank a lot of cold water, and then l

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