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ghteous and abstain from lust by the way. He should not be too much of a demon emperor.


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Lu Bei also found that he had overthought and threw the chief adviser into a small dark room. The mistakes were all the fault of the idiot. If he had not worked for the prime minister, he would not have been contaminated by the legacy of Wei Wu.
When the two birds met for the first time, they didn’t understand each other’s temperament at all, so they decided to talk openly to avoid making jokes again.
Coincidentally, they have the same purpose.
Lu Bei wanted Huang Xiao’s source of the phoenix bloodline, and Huangxiao wanted the source of the golden-winged roc’s bloodline. As soon as he said this, the two birds let out a light moan at the same time.
Have you developed a tacit understanding?
Not really.
Huang Xiao believed that Tai An sought the source of the Phoenix bloodline because he had seen the origin of the Trinity. He wanted to shed the golden-winged roc demon body and become a phoenix. He secretly praised the demon for being extremely smart and could see the secrets of the Phoenix clan with just one glance. pungent.
But no.
In the history of the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Monsters, peacocks appeared, but the number was rare and intermittent.
Golden-winged Roc Never, not once.
/Up to now, only Mo Buxiu and Lu Bei have studied the Great Wilderness’s Secret Record of Demon Creation and refined the blood of Tianpeng into the Golden-winged Dapeng. Mo Buxiu is gone and most likely went to Huangquan Road. All over the world, Lu Bei’s Golden Peng Winged Dapeng is the only one.
The price must be raised from the ground up!
The corner of Lu Bei’s mouth curled up slightly, just like when the Prime Minister saw the straw sandals seller, the only heroes in the world were envoys and Cao Er.
It’s okay to sell dates, and the prime minister will be even happier.
“Clan leader, Tai forgot to mention just now that I want two copies of the source of blood.”
Huang Xiao frowned slightly and said bluntly: “Tai An Demon King is really good at doing business. Aren’t you afraid that I will regret it? It’s not up to you to decide whether to give or not when the time comes.”
“The patriarch of this clan has a broad mind and is not expected to be a person who breaks his word. I will believe you for once.”
Lu Bei said with a serious face. He was not afraid of Huang Xiao’s repentance. He even hoped that the other party would repent. Such a well-behaved and lovely pair of children would definitely be taken home. In short, Huang Xiao had too many concerns. In addition to his children and clan members, he could not escape the monk. Can’t escape the temple.
Huang Xiao nodded and just let go, Lu Bei took the opportunity to increase the price again and asked for some heavenly materials and earthly treasures.
For a small amount of money, Huang Xiao waved her hand, not bothering to bargain, and readily agreed.
Seeing how happy she was, Lu Bei took out another bloodline and sold it, Kong Ci from the peacock clan. Nidan has the unity of heaven and ma

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