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Moreover, this kind of pain does not just pass away once, but is continuous, washing his body again and again. The most important point is that Li Lian must concentrate all his attention at this moment to prevent himself from falling into coma at this time. In the past, because there were two enemies approaching not far away, and his lover still didn’t know whether he was alive or dead at the moment, and the human expedition camp in the distance was still locked in a bitter battle.
There’s no way he’s unconscious! no way!
When the extreme pain cannot be relieved by coma, and even keeps moving towards the edge of death time and time again, and then is pulled back by the large amount of obsession poured into the body, time and time again, the skin and muscles in the tiny parts of the body, The healing of bones, nerves, and pain were all intertwined together. In just a few seconds, Li Lian even felt as if he had experienced thousands of years, ten thousand years, until the two high-level holy spirits were only fifty or sixty meters away from him. At this time, he could even feel the pain in the smallest parts of his body.
/There is an unknown golden power in the body that is destroying his body, while the Immortal Sword is constantly pouring into another power that heals the body. He can clearly feel the location and composition of these two powers, every detail. How the power destroyed that part of his body, how it tore that muscle, how it destroyed that section of bone, and how the healing power restored his body and connected him. How does his nerves protect his body?
He could feel all of this. Gradually, he felt that he could control his own fighting spirit. He turned the fighting spirit into needle-like objects and slowly penetrated deep into his body.
Just like seeing matter the size of dust particles clearly, he felt that he
You can control the power of the size of dust particles!
This is really a feeling that is difficult to describe in words.
When Li Lian felt that he could control power as small as a dust particle, at that moment, he felt as if there was a roaring sound in his head. The whole world seemed to have become different with this loud sound. He couldn’t help but feel that he could control the power of dust. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s as if the whole world has become brand new in front of him!
Yes, it has become brand new. He can even feel the power of the breeze in the wind blowing around him. He can feel the vibration of the ground, and the extremely small vibrations transmitted by many people walking around him. With the power of the plan, he could even feel the power of the pulsating blood vessels in his body, spreading out bit by bit and into the world between heaven and earth.
This feeling is really wonderful to the extreme, but Li Lian is not in the mood to feel all this at the moment. All his mind is focused on his fighting spirit, which has been reduced to strands, thinner than ox hair and thinner than human hair. On the fighting spirit needle.
When he felt that

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