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fly towards the mouth of the Nai River.


Jan 3, 2024

The countless jackdaws rushed into the sun and vaguely turned into a towering shadow, sitting on the throne of the ashes of the sun.
When we arrived at the mouth of the sea, the shadow of the bright sun rose up, stepped down, and fell on the coast.
The ash sun hung behind his head, while the three-legged golden crow converged its wings and landed on his shoulders.
At the same time, the incomparably huge cycle of reincarnation in the underworld spun, rising from the ground, rising higher and higher, turning into a bright moon hanging in the sky.
The bright moon flew towards this side, getting closer and closer, but all the moonlight was concentrated on one person. She was a beautiful goddess, extremely holy under the moonlight.
She came at a leisurely pace and walked on the sea.
At the same time, the looming Fengdu Holy Mountain suddenly disappeared on the sea, leaving only the six ancient gods floating in the heavenly palace, with ferocious-looking gods and demons standing there, with flags flying and drums trembling.
/There is an old man with an old appearance holding a clear oil lamp, walking towards this side on the sea, and behind him, a young emperor wearing an imperial crown is slowly standing up in the sea, his body is getting taller and taller. The more stalwart the shore, the more divine power surges through it, causing the sea surface to explode continuously!
The four giants of the underworld are finally reunited!
Xu Ying looked around and thought to himself: “When the four emperors of the underworld gather together, Yu Hu Zhenren alone is definitely not enough. What kind of Ming Tang is this old boy doing?”
Suddenly, a loud laugh was heard. Yuhu Zhenren, with wide robes and long sleeves, surrounded by beautiful family members, flew over on a jade platform and said with a smile: “Four Taoist brothers Cangwu, Beidi, Dongyue, and Samsara, You really believe in people!”
When Xu Ying heard the word “believer”, his face turned gloomy, and he thought to himself, “Could it be that Master Yuhu knows that I’m hiding nearby and is deliberately mocking me?”
Emperor Cangwu, Emperor Dongyue and others were shocked when they saw each other. They suddenly knew that Master Yuhu invited them and others to come, so they must be prepared. They each sent a message: “Fellow Taoists, be careful!”
Master Yuhu stopped on the jade platform, looked at Beiyin Emperor, and said with a smile: “Back then, Jinhe Sword Lord killed Brother Dao. Brother Dao, do you still remember the two immortal kings beside Jinhe Sword Lord? What a coincidence, they are also in the lower realm. , I invited you here. Please invite Immortal Lord Liang Yue, Immortal Lord Yin Yu, and Immortal Lord Yin.”
He bowed and stood, but saw bursts of thunder in the sky, and suddenly a sacred bridge appeared in the sky, and a strange man wearing a fang mask appeared on the sacred bridge.
And behind that weirdo, an extremely huge soul was squeezing in from another dimension!
/Master Yuhu said with a smile: “In addi

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