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he was the Grand Master of Zhou Dynasty and was extremely intelligent, he didn’t know what the meaning of “Zhangyu” was.


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“The gods are in charge of the heavenly artifacts, and even the heavenly catastrophes of the Qi Refiners are under the control of the heavenly artifacts. They reward and punish the heavens and the worlds, and use artifacts to reduce disasters to those rebellious worlds.”
Jiang Qi continued, “The Heavenly Artifact also controls the strength of the Qi Refiner’s Heavenly Tribulation. According to the information I received, the Heavenly Dao Artifact will set the duration of the next Heavenly Tribulation based on the strength of the Qi Refiner who ascended through the previous calamity. strength.”
When Xu Ying heard this, he didn’t think anything was wrong at first, but then he thought about it carefully and immediately realized that something was wrong.
“Doesn’t this mean that the next Qi Refiner must be stronger than the previous Ascended One, or at least on par with him, to survive the tribulation?”
Xu Ying lost his voice and said, “The next ascendant must be stronger than the previous one in order to survive the heavenly tribulation, and the next ascendant must be stronger to ascend. If this continues, the heavenly tribulation will probably be raised to an extremely high level. Most Qi refiners are unable to survive the calamity!”
/When he said this, he suddenly remembered the super catastrophe when Zhou Qiyun was overcoming the tribulation.
There are also the relics left by more than forty super catastrophes in Huotong Cave!
As well as the traces left by the two hundred and sixty-seven super catastrophes in Taiyi Xiaoxuan Tianzhong!
These super catastrophes clearly show that in an ancient period, there was an extremely powerful qi-refiner. After he transcended tribulations and ascended, the divine weapon of heaven designed a super catastrophe based on his strength.
This super catastrophe blocked all the Qi Refiners’ dreams of ascension, turning the tribulation into a nightmare that enveloped all the Qi Refiners!
Since then, no one has been able to ascend!
Jiang Qi seemed to understand his thoughts and said: “Yes, it is a super disaster.”
Dazhong asked: “Master Jiang, did the super calamity already exist six thousand years ago?”
Jiang Qidao: “It has existed since the Great Zhou Dynasty, and is even older. Back then, I investigated many ancient cave ruins and found traces of super catastrophes in ancient times.”
Xu Ying, An Qi and Dazhong were all shocked. They thought that the super catastrophe could be traced back to ancient times, but they did not expect that it had already existed in ancient times!
Jiang Qidao: “I trace it back to 48,000 years ago, when there was a fault in the super catastrophe.”
“Forty-eight thousand years ago?” Xu Ying was a little dizzy, it was too ancient.
Jiang Qidao: “Forty-eight thousand years ago, the power of the heavenly tribulation was not as terrifying as it is now, but it was still extremely shocking. The territory covered by the tribulation clou

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